It’s all about the Eis-Eis, baby!

Chocolate Gelato

Who knew ice cream in Europe would be so delicious! I didn’t! Here in Germany it’s called Eis. Whether you taste the tantalizing gelato coming from Italy or a glacée in France, name it whatever you want it’s just delicious, right? During the summer months in Germany you will see people lining up at all times of the day to grab a kugel (a scoop) or if it’s afternoon dessert time something a bit more fancy. Here is a picture blog tempting you to enjoy this cool, refreshing treat done right in Germany.

How to order

Here are some words to know as you go…

  • Kugel (koo-gel- hard G) – a scoop
  • Waffel (vaffel) – cone (waffle cone)
  • Becher (beeker) – a cup (based on the number of scoops the size of your cup will change too, so order your scoops(kugel) first
  • Now you have to use numbers for multiple scoops 
    • Eine – one 
    • Zwei – two
    • Drei – three
    • Vier – four 

Here’s a sample sentence 

  • Two scoops in a waffle cone – Zwei kugel in waffel. 

Flavors in England

Spaghetti Eis

Our awesome Ice Cream Guru, Luigi (from Italy) serves up some of the best spaghetti ice cream. This delicious display resembles what looks like spaghetti and sauce however it’s really vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce, whip cream, and white chocolate shavings on the top to resemble grated cheese sprinkles.

Fitness Sundae

My son, Christopher enjoys the “Fitness Sundae” however it doesn’t look too low-cal to me, but he enjoys it a LOT!

Fitness Sundae



My favorite and most refreshing choices in the summer are the fruit sorbets. These are dairy-free and made with fruit or juices. On a hot-summer day a zitrone(lemon) sorbet is perfection.

Sorbet tasting

Raspberry Wine sorbet


My kids LOVE milkshakes! I mean love them! Our refrigerator is so small here in Germany our freezer space has no room for supplies. So, we head to Luigi’s! Milkshakes come in any flavor you would like to try ~ 

Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee in Germany typically comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a dollop of whip cream too. Sometimes cocoa sprinkles… sometimes it is not sweet coffee however because the big scoop of ice cream – FYI.

fun choices at the eis

Iced Coffee and spaghetti ice

Oops ~ what did I order?

Some Sundaes are made with a little alcohol, brandy or liquor. Be on the look out for schnapps or liquor in a sundae. Most menus have them listed separately. These adult treats are super special and delicious. 

Remember you can order the same sundae without the alcohol – just ask them – ohne (oh-na) without or kein (no or none) alkohol.

So don’t be intimated by the Eis Cafe’s around Germany, now you know…. try them all ~ it’s fun, just don’t count your calories.

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