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There’s a travel App for that!

In this age of information I sometimes feel inundated with TMI (too much information). It seems like everyday a new “app” (Computer Application) is released to help us with everyday life. From organizing our homes to shopping lists to travel planning. The last article I read on apps said there were over 350,000, out there. […]

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Welcome to Travel with Wendy!

My mission is to help create a sustainable tourism industry by promoting small hospitality and travel businesses around the globe. Over the past 20 years, I have had many small businesses from desktop publishing to restaurateur to a small-group tour operator and now hospitality small business coach. I collect best practices and information from small […]

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Why, Travel with Wendy?

My mission statement To connect people with the world through unique adventures Travel with Wendy is not like any other travel company you will experience. I have a slightly different approach to exploration, building friendships, making connections and sharing it with the world. Travel with Wendy specializes in creating authentic and culturally respectful experiences around […]

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