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Putting together a travel itinerary in 2021 is especially challenging, in European Travel Bootcamp, I help you tackle the most challenging aspects of an travel plan without overwhelming you! I tailor this travel course according to your travel personality. My what? Travel Personality! Yes, if you haven’t taken my travel personality quiz yet, check it out. We are all different and I have figured out the many ways we travel and I’ve put it in a fun, interactive quiz.

In European Travel Bootcamp, I share

  • How to go “there?” When to go?
  • Where to stay? Good EATS!
  • Tours, Excursions and Culture Tips PLUS…
  • I share insights that only come from living abroad for nine years and having a small group tour company. Sure, you can spend days and days researching online to find tips and tricks, but why would you do that when you have me! For more information send an email to wendy@travelwithwendy.net.
  • Would you like to join a travel community where I share updates and insights in European Travel – join my private Facebook Group – Travel Planning with Wendy.

European Travel Bootcamp

European Travel Bootcamp

European Bootcamps AVAILABLE NOW!

Greece Island and Athens
Portugal Video Course Featuring Porto and Lisbon

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