Champagne – March 2018

Epernay France

  • Taste of Champagne, Épernay, France
  • Thursday – Sunday, March 1 – 4, 2018
  • €550/traveler

Come with me as we visit the Champagne (Marne) region of France and discover the beginnings, history and culture of this bubbly drink we celebrate all over the world. We will be staying in the heart of Épernay at Hotel De La Cloche and be within walking distance of everything. On Friday, we will take a trip to Reims to tour the city and the famous Notre Dame Cathedral. After some lunch, we will return to Épernay and enjoy a traditional tour and tasting at Moët & Chandon. CHEERS!

Saturday begins with a trip to the local market (MARKET DAY) and then a walking tour of the town beginning on the Avenue de Champagne. After lunch in town we will head on over to the Mercier Wine cellar. Here will learn all about the 18 km of champagne in caves that reside under the city! After a triple tasting here, you can enjoy some FREE TIME to explore even more. (Be sure to take along my IDEAS sheet to help with interesting things to do.)

Maybe you would like to stop by a Patisserie or Boulangerie for a pastry and a coffee or see one of the many museums in town ~

Creme brulee

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