Cooking in Italy – May 2018

COOKINg in Italy

Cooking in Italy – May 9 – 13 – €850/person


Look for this adventure again in September 2018

*This trip includes almost EVERYTHING except a few meals and your souvenir purchases

This wonderful trip to Umbria, Perugia, Italy will be unforgettable. We will be staying with Raffaela at her farm, the Agriturismo Villa “La volpe e l’uva.”lets-cook-umbria

With stunning valley views of the vineyards and olive groves it is quintessential Italy! This trip includes almost EVERYTHING ~ transportation, fees and tolls, accommodations, breakfast, cooking classes (our lunch), and a tour of Assisi. First stop is Menaggio, Lake Como! This gorgeous lake is a vacation destination for the rich and famous and US!  On Friday, we will enjoy an afternoon by the pool and walking through the vineyards, or get a massage after our morning of cooking. Then on Saturday after another great cooking class, we will explore the saintly city of Assisi.

Lonely Planet describes Umbria as Italy’s green heart. It is a land unto itself, the only Italian region that borders neither the sea nor another country. Removed from influences, it has kept alive many of Italy’s old world traditions. You’ll see grandmothers in aprons making pasta by hand and front doors that haven’t been locked in a century.


Itinerary details ~

It’s a little trek to get to Umbria, so we leave on Wednesday and spend the night in lovely Lake Como in a boutique hotel, in the town of Menaggio.  After a great breakfast, we will take a ferry over to the famous lake town of Bellagio, where we will stroll through the shopping city enjoyed by millions over the years since the late middle ages.

After arriving in Perugia at the farm, Raffa will greet us with wine and sweets! We’ll settle in and then have head to Perugia ~ just a short drive away and enjoy dinner with Chef Burgalossi at La Taverna. Named one of the best restaurants in all Umbria, you’ll need your stretchy pants for this one.  

On Friday we will begin our authentic “Italian Cooking Class” with Raffa and after our bellies are full we can rest by the pool, go for a walk through the olive groves, schedule a massage (at the farm) before heading to Cortona in late afternoon to catch the sunset on Lake Trasimeno. We’ll enjoy dinner at one of the most beautiful wine cave restaurants in Tuscany,  Ristorante Nessun Dorma 

On Saturday after another GREAT cooking class at the farm ~ Raffa has scheduled a tour of Assisi. We will be discovering this ancient, angelic town where miracles happen and see some amazing architecture. 

More trip details and goodies ~

  • Each apartment sleeps two, some beds are queen size beds, others are twin beds. Preferences for bigger beds are given to groups traveling together or married travelers.
  • Each apartment is equipped with a kitchenette and a “living room” area.
  • Cooking classes are held at the farm with Raffaela and include Umbrian wines during meals, liquors for after dinner and lunch
  • Certificate of participation
  • Folder with all the recipes
  • Apron of “Let’s Cook in Umbria”

Other “foodie” facts about Perugia ~

            The cuisine in the Province of Perugia is frugal and made from genuine products such as olive oil, often accompanied by bruschetta, grilled meats, and vegetables. Black truffles, a typical product of the region, are used in many dishes are the main ingredient of the Easter Pizza, a salted panettone (Christmas cake) flavored with pecorino (sheep’s milk cheese)

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