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Taking the train around Germany and Europe is really fascinating. Once you understand the process and different systems it may be the only way you decide to travel.

It is really awesome to avoid “stau’s/traffic jams” or get a great deal on tickets. However, taking the train also means being flexible. I’ll show you some tricks to avoid disruptions, tickets to grab quickly and answer the frequently asked question, “How do I get to Paris by fast train?”

From traveling in Germany locally and throughout the nation to how to take the TUBE in London. I have included hotlinks, shortcuts and “where to sneak off to for a short weekend!


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TWW Christmas Market 2019 EBOOKChristmas Markets are right around the corner ~ are you prepared? In this E-book, I have created DAY TRIPs around Germany to visit 14 different markets during the holiday season. You will feel like you are living in a little snowglobe as you traipse around Europe visiting these historical markets. You will also have all my secrets when to go, where to park or TRAIN, what to eat, should I bring the kiddos… and more!  Everything you’ll need to know before you go! Happy Holidays ~ 


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The newest in the collection of E-books, I was so excited to finish this book right before the warmer weather!

TWW - Beauty on the Bodensee COVER

This wonderful lake region of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein has been a tourist destination and a place of rest and relaxation since the 300’s. Roman soldiers would come here for the industry and for restoration after a battle. Several of the towns are named after royalty, emperors and its natural surroundings.

The glacier waters of the Bodensee/Lake Konstanz are unbelievably gorgeous. It’s wonderful blue colors with the backdrop of the Swiss Alps certainly will make it a “go-to” destination for the day or for the weekend. Enjoy and Weil Spaß – have FUN!


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Ebook Cover - Hiking in the Black Forest

Hiking in the Black Forest is one of my favorite things to do! Here is a full list of hikes ranging from easy to challenging depending on your fitness level. The outdoor adventures always include “how to get there” easy directions with GoogleMap links and using a specific hiking website I make it easy to not get lost on the trails too. All my hikes include what to wear, pack and of course where to grab a bite to eat after hiking around. Come see the wonder and splendor of the Schwarzwald ~ 


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This book is my BEST SELLER and contains EASY TO UNDERSTAND information for those new to the area and eager to explore. I provide a combination of discovery, good eats, and adventure around Stuttgart. After using my E-book guidebook you will feel like a pro as you explore Baden-Württemberg.  

Not sure what to do with relatives or friends visiting? You can start here without all the hassle and time spent perusing the massive travel information that is out there. I’ve chosen my favorites that really highlight the area.


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TWW - Hiking Book Product Cover

I love to hike! I grew up in northern New York in the Adirondacks so you could say, it is a part of who I am! My love only grew when we moved here. Hiking is a huge part of German culture. In this book Hiking around Germany ~ Stuttgart Area, I have included my favorite DAY HIKES around Stuttgart that includes how to get there and park, how to find the trail, maybe a place to grab a snack or sit and relax along the way. Some hikes include a gorge others include pancakes.

Castles and Creations

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TWW - Book Product CoverI love castles, churches, and monasteries in Germany. The Baroque and Romanesque style that is pervasive here in Baden-Württemberg is incredible. So lucky to have so much architecture within such a short distance. Here are a few of my favorites that are either a DAY TRIP or a nice addition to a weekend getaway. I am sure to include a little history as well ~ hopefully, it will inspire you to explore as well.

Germany is known for its castles ~ here are just a few!


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