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Travel with Wendy (TWW) group tours are European group tours, on the rivers or the land discovering history, food, culture, art, and more. I believe connection is a basic human need. We all crave connection. Travel changes people in their heads and hearts.

I also believe that travel creates understanding, wonder, and inspiration. That is why I have created these small group tours. Although we may travel with a larger group on an adventure, I bring my travelers together before we set sail or hop on a bus.

Many TWW travelers continue to explore the world together even after our trips!

My small group travel is typically for 10-16 travelers. Groups require at least 1 LEAD traveler. Deposits are required at the time of booking to secure space and availability.

I specialize in European destinations, the United Kingdom, River Cruises, and the Caribbean! Whether you would like to go golfing in Scotland, White Truffle festival in Asti or maybe it’s Virgin Voyages Cruise along the Mediterranean, let’s travel together.

Northern Italy Small-Group – White Truffle Festival

2024 Trips

Group Tours have not been created for 2024. If you have a group (5+more rooms/10 travelers) that is interested in a destination and would like a tour operator or escorted guide, you can contact me HERE.

Where in the world would you like to go?

It’s always an adventure when you Β©Travel with Wendy!

7 thoughts on “GROUP TOURS

  1. I have traveled multiple time with Wendy and she is always so organized. One of the best things about her trips is she likes to “get in there” with the locals. You really get to experience the culture and the people in a way you don’t get to on with other organized trips. She researches the history of places before we go as well so we are not just having fun but learning something as well.

    1. Heather you are AWESOME!! Thank you so much for being my co-hort in travels and adventures. We always have some wild, crazy fun and there’s always a story! What a blast we are having, thanks for being my first comment and for being there for me, You are a blessing πŸ™‚

  2. how about a trip with beer instead of or in addition to wine?

    The Grunhutte hike on Good Friday was wonderful even though it was rainy!! Thanks for setting up that trek!!

    1. Hey Cheri, Absolutely, will be posting soon about an upcoming trip along the Mosel for a wine fest and parade! Out soon, and Labor Day weekend! It will also include a beer tasting and tour at BitBurger beer from the Rheinland Pflatz area, just finishing the touches on the itinerary πŸ™‚ Thanks for your comment!

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