European Travel Itinerary Planners

Do you need help putting the fine touches on your travel planning? Would you like to know some off-the-beaten-path sites to see or cultural insights for your adventure? I have included my favorite accommodations, restaurants, how to get around, cultural tips, and more in these quick, affordable, downloadable, easy-to-understand PDF planners.

Itinerary Travel Planners include:

✅ Transportation recommendations

✅ Where to stay? Where to eat!

✅ Tours, culture tips, and more

Itineraries AVAILABLE!

Venice 4 day Itinerary

Venice Italy! Gondolas to Vaporettos this city on the sea is one incredible adventure. Restaurants can be tricky to book and also, where to stay, and when to go! This itinerary is packed with detailed information for your trip to Italy!

A visit to Barcelona, the capital city of Catalonia is a dream come true. From the magnificent architecture of the famed Gaudi Family to the pristine beaches on the Mediterranean coast, I have included so many details in this itinerary planner. Tours, beaches, siestas, paella and more. You will see why it is on everyone’s MUST-SEE list.

Oui, Oui! The city of LOVE, PARIS! Where to begin your travel planning? How to get around the city? How to book the art museums and which neighborhoods to stay in? This itinerary is perfect to get you on your way with detailed information for a perfect visit to this international city.

Dublin, Ireland is definitely one of those destinations where you could easily miss something great if you don’t know. I have included my favorite pubs, tours, accommodations and DAY TRIPS too! How long should you stay in Dublin? What to do if you are traveling with children. This is all included in the itinerary planner!

Amsterdam 3 day itinerary

This Amsterdam Itinerary has travel tips and tricks to help with your travel plans to The Netherlands. Amsterdam is filled with art, beer, and the world’s largest TULIP market. If you need help figuring out what not to miss for FOMO (Fear of missing out.) I included all of these in this itinerary planner.

Berlin Germany Itinerary

Berlin, Germany! This international city is a blend of old and new. You will so amazed by this culturally diverse and vibrant city. History and modern architecture in a city once divided but now a united city of progress and change. I included walking tours with highlights that are my favorite and family favorites too! I share secrets and travel tips in this itinerary that include great restaurants, where to find the bears and should you stay in a hotel, AirBnb or a hostel? I research so you don’t have to.

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