Oktoberfest/Cannstatter Fest


Germany’s famous Oktoberfest in Münich began in 1810 as a part of a wedding for a prince and has been celebrated yearly. The fest gets bigger and bigger every year. Here in Stuttgart we celebrate with the Cannstatter Fest in October and Frühlings Fest in April.

Important information:

  • Book your tent (building) early
  • Ticket prices usually include at least 2 or 3 large beers/Radlers (beer with sprite) and 1/2 roast chicken
  • Smoking is allowed in tents
  • Both Cannstatter Fest and Frühlings Fest are celebrated in the Bad Cannstatt Fair grounds
  • Taking the train is easiest, (S1) parking is very difficult
  • Going at night is not recommended for small children, however during the day the fest rides and food are great with kids (going on Saturday’s are busy, busy)



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