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Are you an Explorer? Adventurer or avid Traveler? With your patronage I am able to travel, keep creating easy to download Travel E-books, and in 2020 I will be introducing pod-casts and interviews with an exclusive YouTube channel for top tier supporters.

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YAY! You are supporting me here and I am so incredibly grateful. I love to travel and love to share, your support is helping me share the world with the world. For just $1/month you can enjoy the monthly NEWSLETTER, blog articles, and social media travel tips! I really appreciate your support!

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EVEN BETTER~ I love it, you’re an adventure seeker. You want to know more, more travel hacks and deals! As an adventurer, you will receive an invitation to new release blogs before they are launched,  newsletter, 1 FREE E-BOOK, private monthly podcast, and patron-only blog requests + ALL THE BENEFITs of being an explorer too.

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YOU are AWESOME! You are supporting me a LOT and are very generous. Thank YOU! Thank YOU!  You’ll get all the above AND random emails highlighting “Where’s Wendy?,” I’ll include personal shout-outs and recognition on my pod-casts, 2 FREE E-BOOKs, and everything in the previous tiers. 

With your support, I am able to travel so much more and share the world with the world! It’s always an adventure when you Travel with Wendy!


3 thoughts on “Patreon”

  1. I am not sure where you post dates of trips coming up? I have looked a few times. Please help! I would like to go.

    1. Hi, I just moved back to Alabama. I am focusing on writing this spring and do not have any future trips planned. I will be doing some scouting trips in the states – watch for the blogs, including driving an EV to Colorado! I can also create an individualized itinerary for you anywhere in the world. Let me know if I can help!

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