Building an itinerary can be so much fun! It can also be overwhelming if you are trying to accommodate every type of travel personality. I have created a few of our favorite European destination itineraries that are downloadable PDFs with options for

  • How to stay? Airbnb/Hotel/Luxury
  • Where to eat? From cheap eats to fine dining
  • Site to see? Museums, historical sites, hiking trails, Segway tours…and more

For $69 this is such a bang for your buck!

European Destination Cities – # of days

  1. Venice – 4 day
  2. Paris – 4 day
  3. Barcelona – 5 day
  4. Amsterdam – 3 day
  5. Dublin – 4 day
  6. Berlin – 4 day

AND more will be coming soon…

Great holiday or birthday gift for anyone who loves to travel or travel plan but wants a little reassurance.

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