Wouldn’t you love to have travel info at your fingertips? Of course, you would! If you have been curious as to where to go, what to do, how to explore, maybe even where to eat and how to get there these Travel Ebooks are designed for you!

I designed these with you in mind. They have everything you will need for a perfect day trip OR a weekend adventure (say in the Alps.) I also have several books that include day hikes or hiking on trails. I’m a huge hiker and growing up in Northern New York in the Adirondacks you learn to hike pretty early, so I’ve included trail information, what you’ll need on the trail including if its just sneaks, boots and poles and if they are kiddo and puppy friendly.

Living in Europe for nine years, I became quite familiar with how to create perfect day trips. Whether you want to combine them for a girl’s trip or a romantic getaway these travel Ebooks have it all! Mini itineraries to help with your travel planning.