AMSTERDAM Travel Itinerary – 3 day


Travel planning made easy! This three-day Amsterdam Itinerary in the Netherlands is filled with travel tips and tricks to navigate this international city.  Amsterdam is filled with art, beer, and streets made of water. Markets that have been around since the 600’s!

You can download this PDF Travel Planner and carry it on your phone, Kindle® or add elements to your own travel plans.

I’ve included

  • Places to stay!
  • Where to eat!
  • Tours and culture tips
  • as well as cautions and what to look for and so much more!


I’ve created an Amsterdam travel planner to help you get on your way to wonderful Nederland or the Netherlands.

Your 3-day Amsterdam itinerary includes:

  • Transportation suggestions including the train and train passes
  • Accommodation recommendations (based on your travel personality)
  • Tours vetted and approved by ©Travel with Wendy
  • Flea Markets, Art Museums, Where to get the best GOUDA cheese, canal cruises, tulip gardens and more!
  • What to watch out for 👀
  • and great eats!

Walking tours that are easy to navigate around Amsterdam with GoogleMaps walking feature with highlights including stopping for a cafe on the promenade and so much more!

This downloadable or printable Amsterdam travel PDF is easy to carry on your phone or in your travel bag. This travel planner has so many recommendations, you can just pack your bags and go!

Check out my Insta for Image inspiration to Holland. I’ve got more to travel and inspiration on my YouTube channel too!

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