BERLIN – Travel Itinerary – 4 day


Berlin Travel Itinerary – 4 day

Berlin, Germany! This international city is a blend of old and new. You will so amazed by this culturally diverse and vibrant city. History and modern architecture in a city once divided but now a united city of progress and change.

A UNESCO World Heritage site since 1990 with so much to see you might have to visit more than once. In this Berlin Travel Planner, I have included how to get there and get around.

So you might be visiting Germany all over but flying into Berlin or leaving from Berlin, this itinerary is great for adding to your travel plans or using the whole planner for your long weekend or stay!

More details are in the description below…

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Berlin, Germany is such a fantastic city to add to any GERMAN adventure. It is such a big city, it would be hard to see it all in just four days.

In this Itinerary Planner, I have included many choices for you to personalize your own trip with specific recommendations based on how your like to travel!

This 4-day Berlin – Germany Travel Itinerary Planner includes:

  • Transportation suggestions – should you rent a car? How to take the train? Tourist specials and more
  • Accommodation recommendations (based on your travel personality) From luxury to family-style hostels that are 5⭐️ rated and affordable
  • I include my favorites, should you take that BIG BUS?
  • A walking tour around the city that includes iconic sites to see and DAY TRIPS too!
  • Fun, off-the-beaten-path restaurants and sites to see, you won’t find without a lot of research.

My walking tour of Berlin is easy to navigate with the GoogleMaps walking feature and highlights including which restaurants and cafes are a MUST! Including an incredible MEXICAN restaurant 🇲🇽🌮

This downloadable or printable PDF is easy to carry on your phone or in your travel bag.

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