DUBLIN – Travel Itinerary – 4 day


Dublin, Ireland! This old Viking town is touched by Celtic traditions, customs, and folklore on every corner.  A long weekend in the city is enchanting. Its vibrant pub life and fun city to stroll around will make you feel so glad you visited. You may decide to fly into Dublin or make it a home base for a country tour around the island. Either way, your stay in Dublin will be super FUN!

Do you struggle to put your travel itinerary together for your family and friends? Dublin, Ireland is definitely one of those destinations where you could easily miss something great if you don’t know.

There are more details in the description below…

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Dublin Travel Itinerary – 4 day

Dublin, Ireland is steeped in history and home to castles and crammed with culture, folklore, whisky and the famous Guinness.

How can you do it all in just four days? Here’s a super organized itinerary for you to pick and choose for a stress-free and fun visit to Dublin, Ireland. You may decide to go during a national or local holiday? I’ve hooked you up with suggestions there too.

This 4-day Dublin – Ireland Travel Itinerary includes:

  • Transportation suggestions – should you rent a car? Hire a driver? Use the local transportation?
  • Accommodation recommendations (based on your travel personality)
  • Which tours to book? I’ve included my favorites that are vetted and approved by ©Travel with Wendy
  • A walking tour around the city OR super cool day trips
  • Are you traveling with kiddos? I’ve got suggestions for you for that too!

My walking tour of Dublin is easy to navigate with the GoogleMaps walking feature and highlights including which pub you MUST stop and see!

This downloadable or printable PDF is easy to carry on your phone or in your travel bag.



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