Germany – European Travel Bootcamp Course


If you are planning to visit Germany and travel to Bavaria, have I got a course for you! From Münich to the Alps, I will be sharing so much of this country I’ve lived in for nine years.

In this course you will learn:

  • Where to stay in Münich 
  • Still don’t know how you travel? Take the FREE QUIZ)
  • What to see – When should you go? How you should go?
  • What’s it like to take the train in Germany?
  • What should we do? Tours, museums and breweries 🍻
  • Should I visit during Oktoberfest?
  • What about the Alps? Neuschwanstein
  • I also share my favorite Bavarian castle!
  • A few other majestic towns in the Alps 🏔

I share so many insights you won’t want to miss this class!

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