PARIS Travel Itinerary – 4 day


Paris is one of the most amazing cities in the world and is considered to be the city of love. ❤️  Whether you are planning a PARIS-only travel adventure or making it part of a French connection, this city is always high on the list.

Paris has SO much to see and do! Where to begin, right? If you struggle with finding accommodations in the right neighborhood, a nice Airbnb, or a hotel, I’m here to help!

I include my favorite places to stay, when to visit the Louvre, what kind of transportation you’ll want to research, and much more.

Hyperlinks in the pdf to all my recommendations and a walking tour to do on your own or book through a tour guide.

I hope you find this itinerary easy to use and helpful.


Are you planning to travel to Paris? Here’s a travel planner to help you get on your way to wonderful France

My 4-day Paris itinerary includes:

  • Transportation suggestions including the train and train passes
  • Accommodation recommendations (based on your travel personality)
  • Tours vetted and approved by ©Travel with Wendy
  • Flea Markets, Artist Markets, the Eiffel Tower secrets, Champs Élysées, and shopping
  • What to watch out for 👀
  • and great eats!

Walking tours that are easy to navigate with GoogleMaps walking feature with highlights including stopping for a cafe on the promenade and so much more!

This downloadable or printable PDF is easy to carry on your phone or in your travel bag. Great travel planner for Paris with must-have intel.

Check out my Insta for Image inspiration to France. I’ve got more to travel and inspiration on my YouTube channel too!

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