VENICE Travel Itinerary – 4 day


Travel planning made easy! This four-day Venice Itinerary is filled with travel tips and tricks. Explore the same city as Cazanova, the Rialto Bridge and I also help you navigate the vaporettos (boat transportation) or where to catch the best gondola ride.

Venice can be a tricky place to navigate. You can download the Venice Itinerary PDF and carry it on your phone or add elements to your own travel plans.

I’ve included

  • Places to stay!
  • Where to eat! (Very important)
  • and personal tours I highly recommend!


Are you planning to travel to Venice? Here’s a travel planner to help you get on your way to Bella Italy!

My 4-day Venice itinerary includes:

  • Transportation suggestions (navigating around Venice can be a bit tricky)
  • Accommodation recommendations (based on your travel personality)
  • Tours vetted and approved by ©Travel with Wendy
  • Good Eats around Venice!
  • Trips to Murano and Burano!
  • and much more!

Every day has suggestions including when to visit the market, which tour to book and if you should visit during fun Carnivale!

This downloadable or printable PDF is easy to carry on your phone or in your travel bag. Great Italian travel planner to help with your Venice Itinerary!

Check out my Insta for Image inspiration to Italy! I’ve got more to help you experience an Italian dream vacation! Or travel inspiration – check out my YouTube!

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