Regional Trips 

Since I travel to write and write to travel why not bring people along, right? I organize regional trips that depart from Stuttgart, these are weekend trips (sometimes longer) that focus on “off-the-beaten” path destinations. This small group travel experience is unforgettable. My trips book up quickly and FULL payment is due at the time of reservation to secure your slot. Trips include accommodations and breakfast, transportation, and activity and tours.  All accommodations include Wi-fi. Usually lunch and dinner meals are on-your-own. For transportation, we take a 9-passenger van and 8 travelers. 

In the event you must cancel your slot 3 weeks or less before our departure day, I ask you to find a replacement for a full refund. Otherwise refunds are subject to review and sometimes not possible. I apologize for any inconvenience however, this close to departure, most deposits, fees and tours are paid in full. Thank you for your understanding.

To make a reservation or have questions, please go to the Travel with Wendy FB page or the comments section here and send me a note. Reservations are on a first come-first serve basis.

FAQs of policies and procedures

  • Here you will find some frequently asked questions about my policies and procedures for organizing a trip ~
    1) Trips ARE FULL?? What?? You just posted it ~ yup, sometimes that happens. Once you’ve traveled with me,  you move to a “preferred list” or “FIRST TRAVELERS list.” 
    2) First come, FIRST SERVEFULL PAYMENT is REQUIRED for a confirmed reservations – no partial payments accepted. If you “just tell/text/e-mail me” of your interest in the trip it does not confirm your reservation.
    3) Sign up on a waiting list ~ because you NEVER know, ~ please send me a message or email and ask to be added to the list. If a space becomes available then we work out the financial deposit with the cancelled traveler. Once I have received funds for a trip – cancellation and exchanges are between travelers. Our lives are precarious and can change at anytime, we actually have last minute add-ons (see my official ©Travel with Wendy policy on finding a replacement.)

2018 Trips

Stay tuned for more 2018 TRIPS to come!


  1. I have traveled multiple time with Wendy and she is always so organized. One of the best things about her trips is she likes to “get in there” with the locals. You really get to experience the culture and the people in a way you don’t get to on with other organized trips. She researches the history of places before we go as well so we are not just having fun but learning something as well.

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    • Heather you are AWESOME!! Thank you so much for being my co-hort in travels and adventures. We always have some wild, crazy fun and there’s always a story! What a blast we are having, thanks for being my first comment and for being there for me, You are a blessing 🙂


  2. how about a trip with beer instead of or in addition to wine?

    The Grunhutte hike on Good Friday was wonderful even though it was rainy!! Thanks for setting up that trek!!


    • Hey Cheri, Absolutely, will be posting soon about an upcoming trip along the Mosel for a wine fest and parade! Out soon, and Labor Day weekend! It will also include a beer tasting and tour at BitBurger beer from the Rheinland Pflatz area, just finishing the touches on the itinerary 🙂 Thanks for your comment!


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