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When you travel around as much as we do, you’re bound to make friends, adapt to change, and discover experiences you never knew existed. To be honest, I was always filled with wanderlust. I majored in Travel & Tourism at Johnson & Wales University way back in the 80s. I knew I wanted to help people see the world, even if I hadn’t seen it all yet myself. After college, I moved to Washington, D.C., and met my future military husband. Little did I know how much and how often we would “see the world.”


Two days after we were married we moved to Germany for the first time and about a year later welcomed our first daughter, Katy. It must be because she was born overseas, but she also has the travel bug too.

So many seasons

We’ve moved 17 times since that first house in Germany and if you ask some of my friends that’s on the low end. I’m still considered a “rookie,” in some circles compared to some of my Army saint sisters who will receive their crowns with gems. Navigating movers, in-processing/out-processing, tearful good-byes, joyful greetings and lots and lots of packing tape. These are all remembrances of a PCS (Permanent Change of Station.)

This is part of my journey and story, I share not for pity or praise just to say, I LOVE IT! With every season, there is heartache and emotions you don’t count on for sure, but I am always in anticipation of what and who lies ahead.

I’ve been blogging now for a few years and it’s been an exciting new season of discovery. I’ve been able to see and share experiences in some of the most interesting places in Germany and now Europe. With social media, it’s been a blast connecting with other travelers, hearing stories, finding great deals, and having fun conversations about exploring this GREAT, BIG, world.

I hope this blog site becomes a forum for people to share, gather intel, and experience this world together! Happy travels…  


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