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Sometimes I will be interviewing travel professionals, other times it may be small business owners, authors or avid hikers. As always, I will share some all my travel tips with you to help with YOUR travel planning.

Additionally, in 2020 you can also follow me and my small crew as we head off on an EPIC E-Adventure across America in search of all things (E) environmental and eco-friendly projects going on today!

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Kelly Kazek - Author, Writer

Kelly’s funny and also historical books really resonated with me and I am so thankful she granted me the opportunity to have this podcast interview. Need a laugh? Check out her latest books, Not Quite Right: Mostly True Tales of a Weird News Reporter or Fairly Odd Mother: Musings of a Slightly Off Southern Mom or want to learn about the Covered Bridges of Alabama or Alabama Scoundrels, she’s got that too.



Travel Advisors? Yes or no? Cruises and travel tips! Yes, today’s podcast is with my friend, Vicky Turbak, travel advisor for TravelbyVicky. Vicky has a travel addiction similar to me and she is filled with tons of knowledge, travel tips and intel on how to travel and tour safely, economically and having incredible experiences around the globe.

Born2beWild Podcast

Join me today on my FIRST podcast with avid outdoorsman, professional hiker, public speaker, and author, Bruce Martin of Born2beWild Outdoor Adventures.

Bruce shares information on all his upcoming 2020 Hiking Adventures, public speaking tours including Scars of Hope 2020books, future projects and hiking tips to hit the trails.