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As your personal Travel Consultant and Advisor, I, Travel with Wendy, devote time and effort to make sure you are happy with your travel options. I create custom-designed, personalized itineraries for you and your unique travel preferences.


I have been traveling for years and have been making connections in the tourism and hospitality industry along the way. I have over 30 years of experience and education in the industry and I strive to provide a level of excellence that you can be assured of when you book your travel with me!

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In your proposal, I include recommendations for flights, accommodations, tours, excursions, transfers, and cultural significance that make a trip, unique and memorable. In most cases, I have vetted the properties, I know when and where to travel, and make honest recommendations. Together, we create an itinerary where you will feel at ease and assured that the travel planning was done well!

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Travel with Wendy -Aruba Certification

2024 Hosted Tours

I began Travel with Wendy several years ago with a small group of travelers and a mini-van. From that experience grew a love of traveling in small groups. When I have an opportunity to share the world with new travelers I do! I love to learn all about a destination’s history, culture, customs, language, art, and food and share with eager explorers! Interested in joining us in 2024 – here are our hosted tours.

It’s always an adventure when you ยฉTravel with Wendy!

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Looking for up-to-date, maybe up-to-the-moment travel information? Here you go! I share personal, real, and authentic experiences from around the globe. A reputation you can trust, because in many cases I’ve been there and shared what I learned, right here with you. I created Travel with Wendy to help travelers connect around the world.

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It’s always an adventure when you ยฉTravel with Wendy!
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