What I loved about COPENHAGEN!

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Pirate ship along the harbor

Copenhagen, Denmark might not be on everyone’s BUCKET LIST, but it should be. What I loved about Copenhagen is exactly what you would think. It is magical, unbelievably gorgeous, great eats, and a fun city. This danish town should absolutely be on your must-see list if you are heading to Scandinavia.

Copenhagen harbor

If you’ve heard of the “Little Mermaid,” and Hans Christian Anderson, you’ll be happy to know this is just one little stop on your visit to Copenhagen. 

Join me as we take a walk around this coastal city on the water for a weekend filled with so much to do and see! You will fall in love like millions do a year, including me as you tour Copenhagen.

Welcome to the Palace

our digs

Our digs

With the loyalty points we were collecting and its location we decided staying at the Copenhagen Marriott was a win-win. With no car, we wanted to walk around the city on foot and I am so glad we did. Our hotel was located absolutely perfectly in relation to all the “sites to see.”

We also decided to grab a bite to eat at the Marriott because it had great reviews and views of the harbor. 

TWW Stop sign girlKa-CHING$$

Danish money

When you prepare to visit anywhere in Scandinavia know before you go that “FOOD” will be the most expensive thing you spend money on. Even compared to visiting museums, castles and attractions, food is #BANK. Ha! Don’t be surprised if you spend about $40/person for lunch at a BBQ joint or if you are just grabbing a burger. 

Parliament of Denmark

I guess it is because it has to travel so far, whatever the reason, just know, you might want to pack a few snacks for your mid-meal.

Rakuten Marketing Welcome Program

Travel TIPOne of my HUGE travel tips is the new Google Research BUTTON! If you want to follow me – click here! I love to use the explore button in the area to find out what restaurants rate and why! Also, I’m on TripAdvisor too. 

Good Eats War Pigs

This BBQ restaurant is FANTASTIC!! Picnic setting and really tasty, tasty BBQ. This place is such a hit with my American friends and a taste of home while visiting in DENMARK! So super cool you will love it. Great beer choices and types of BBQ sauce. You can order ribs, brisket pork butt or shoulder with slaws, sides, and salads. 

Kanal Cafeen on the Harbor

We found Kanal Cafeen on the Harbor as we began walking around the Marriott and were a bit peckish after our flight. So glad we did. We were lucky to get in and would have probably been seated on the water if we had a reservation. 

Daily Boutique Deals

Travel TIP


Depending on the time of year, you will definitely want to make reservations. During the busy season, it is especially difficult to find a place to eat. Copenhagen on average has over 2 million visitors a year.  That’s a lot of people to feed. 

Canal fun


Everyone speaks English so you are safe – it is o.k. to try a few words in Danish. But I will tell you its a very difficult language to learn. 

Green girl! Sites to see

Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens is a really cool amusement park, botanical garden and eccentric fun park. It’s located right in the heart of the city and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but you can expect some fun.

Filled with restaurants of almost every cuisine, amusement rides, music shows, and a light show, you’ll keep very busy for several hours. Tickets are about $50/person for entry and do not include your meal. You will have 


Skateboard life.jpg

The area of Christiana is a cool-hip neighborhood in Copenhagen. It is definitely becoming quite the popular destination stop if you are visiting the city. However, while we were there the residents are not too keen on pictures or videos of their artwork that dons every building and you will definitely sense the strong smell of marijuana as you walk the colorful streets.

There was a flea market the day we visited and I was able to snap a few pictures at the entrance, I love street art. If you are touring with children, I would not make this a stop. 

Hop-on/Hop-off Boat Cruise

With as many tourists as June could handle, you can imagine the popularity of the Hop-on/Hop-off Boat cruises. We really enjoyed the Red LINE boat, our ticket included the bus too, however, we only took the boat. Lots to see along the shores, including the state for the Little Mermaid.  

The tickets were about €35/person but we thought with the combo-ticket it was worth it.

On the boat

We had such an amazing time in Copenhagen ~ definitely a place that you could visit again and again. Ultimately, if it is not on your must-see list, it should be! These are just a few things that I loved!

It’s always an adventure when you ©Travel with Wendy!

Rattlesnake Saloon ~ a campground ranch and refuge

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Welcome to Rattlesnake.png

I would like to welcome guest blogger Angela Hawke, a small business owner who lives here in Huntsville, AL.  In this blog, she shares her favorite campground ranch and refuge, Rattlesnake Saloon in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Thanks, Angela ~ 
If you are in the Alabama area or if you live here locally, perhaps you might like a little respite away from the hustle and bustle. Sounds like Rattlesnake Saloon maybe a stay-cation worth visiting. It is located at 1292 Mount Mills Road Tuscumbia, AL 35674

Rattlesnake Saloon offers a “taxi” from the parking lot to the saloon.

rattlesnake saloon entry copy

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Rattlesnake Saloon (RS) as a place to take your travel trailer? My aversion to rattlesnakes had me on edge until I started to investigate the history and details surrounding this family-owned campground. The pictures are breathtaking and the view seems to never end. Located at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in North Alabama, there is a long history of generational entrepreneurs who worked the 6,000 acres known for its Southern hospitality.

Approach to the cave and saloon

It wasn’t until 2009 that the watering hole and restaurant were added where the natural cave is found. The cavity had previously given refuge to hogs, which lends to the novelty of the saloon. Although a nest of rattlesnakes was found during the excavation, they are no longer guests today. We found some of the best southern comfort food here. 


Travel TIPUpon calling for our reservation we were asked, “Will you be bringing your horses?” That had me surprised to which I replied, “I wish!” As much as I love horses, my limited experience includes the occasional guided trail ride. For our family, bringing horses was not an option, but we brought our fur baby, Peppermint Patty, who is a chocolate lab mix.  Most of the other campers brought horses or mules and it was clear that we were the oddballs out. For reservation, just call their office: 256.370.7218 ask for Ms. Tee Tee.

Camper Trailer

We were delighted to see that RS has all the right resources available and ready for those who are not well-equipped equestrians. With just enough notice, the friendly staff at RS can hook you up with a horse in no time. As for the sleeping accommodations, they offer everything from tent camping, full trailer hook up, cabins, and even the option to sleep in a silo. The restaurant does not require reservations and it was clear that it is a hot spot for locals who enjoy good food and live music.
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Good EatsRustle Up Some Grub

Downhome all American and country-style cooking is what you can expect when heading for your evening supper. Reasonably priced, there is something that will make everyone happy in your wagon-train and for the heartiest of appetites check out the Gigantor Meal on their menu. It’s a two-pound hamburger, a pound of french fries, a half-pound of onion rings, and a whole pitcher of your favorite beverage. Best of all, if you can finish the Gigantor (thanks Jennifer Kornegay from Alabama Living who also loved it and for snapping this photo) within 45 and minutes – it’s FREE! Are you up for the challenge?

Giganter at the Saloon

Special Events

Rattlesnake Saloon takes great pride in their activities, which are especially entertaining for four-footed friends. Things to do that are family-friendly include Frontier Days, Chuckwagon Races, Horse Races, Live Music and so much more! Visit the trading post for souvenirs and check out their calendar to book the perfect get-away that will have you hooting and hollering for more. Of course, the hiking trails range in difficulty and unquestionably abundant even for those who prefer to travel on foot. The rolling hills appear to wave like a flag on the fourth of July and it never gets tiring. 

~ More to see ~ 

Other things to do in the area that we made a point to visit include:

helen keller statue

 We found so much rest and relaxation while touring Rattlesnake Saloon in our travel trailer. What a wonderful gift we gave ourselves to get away for a quick weekend to this local legend. 

Angela and hubby cave background

In my next blog, I will share our time at Ivy Green where I fulfilled my childhood dream of visiting Helen Keller’s birthplace.

About The Author

Angela Hawke was born and raised in Michigan. She now lives in Huntsville, AL with her family. She has her bachelor’s degree in business – specializing in healthcare, she has years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and is philanthropic at heart. Angela owns a small business where she provides a wide variety of content writing to entrepreneurs. Her purpose is to encourage others in their God-given gifts, to appreciate their differences, and create intentional and genuine connections that honor God. 

Weekend Getaways in Germany!

weekend getaways around Europe

Walking around Badenweiler

Who doesn’t need a weekend away from time to time, right? Even a travel blogger needs to unplug every now and then. Here are a few weekend getaways that have become some of my favorite hideaways from the world. Destinations that are still under the radar but definitely a great respite for a weekend of rest. 

Burg Baden

Here are a few of my top weekend getaways around Germany!

1) Badenweiler in the Black Forest

This past weekend I found another one in Badenweiler, Germany. This super quiet, small town on the edge of France and Switzerland is a perfect little getaway that is not only affordable, has castle ruins, natural beauty, and a world-class spa to boot. 

Badenweiler Welcome Center

Romantic restaurants dot the main street and church bells sound every morning at 7 a.m. telling you it is time to get up and explore. 

our digs

Be sure to stay at the Balance Hotel Badenweiler and tell Maria I sent you. This unbelievable beautiful spa hotel had rooms with balconies overlooking the valley town below. We were within walking distance from the Schlosspark, castle ruins, Roman bath ruins, and the famous Cassiopeia Therme. Yea, I did that on purpose. I like to park it and walk everywhere.

Cassipeia Therme - Badenweiler

Maria’s hospitality and warm smile were a welcome sight. She lived in California for some time and is quite familiar with American customer service too. Our breakfast was incredible and if you left hungry well, it wasn’t because there wasn’t enough food. 

Good EatsShe gave us restaurant recommendations too. We loved The Hotel Post for dinner. Their menu included regional specialties including plenty of fish from local sources. I would definitely make reservations as this is a local and tourist favorite! 

2) Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

This spa town dates back to before the Roman Empire and was a huge destination during the Hapsburg dynasty. The healing waters of Karlovy Vary keep me coming back for some chill time.


Daily Boutique Deals

our digsThis is my favorite place to stay in Karlovy Vary ~ and I have been a few times. Whether you decide to just walk to streets and sip the fountain waters or sign up for a spa, eat a gourmet meal or take the funicular up the mountain to the Diana you will fall in love with this Czech Republic town.

Streets of Karlovy Vary

You can read more here in my BLOG on Karlovy Vary!

3) Antwerp, Belgium

MAS Museum of Antwerp

We tried to make our way to Belgium for a romantic get-away weekend and it turned out to be a little wine run for Jon. A totally unsuspected love affair with Antwerp, Belgium began for me. I really love this town. I am kind of partial to water towns, having lived in Providence, Rhode Island and growing up along the St. Lawrence Seaway. They all seem so familiar to me. 

Sleepy time on the streets of Antwerp

Antwerp is filled with lots to do and see, whether it is in the art district or historical sites.

Good EatsIt also has great eats and beer. Check out this BLOG on Antwerp to find out great eats and deets.

4) Leipzig, Germany

Market Square - Leipzig

Leipzig was a surprising German town is famous for all things BACH AND the beginning of the end of the Berlin Wall. This town may be a college town today but it is also a really, really fun city to tour and learn more about. We discovered this thanks to a BLINDBOOKING tour with Eurowings.

The flight was super quick, of course, it was, an easy up and down. We arrived at this little airport and the train was on the lower level. It took us straight to town. This was awesome since we really didn’t want to rent a car for the weekend, and it turned out we totally didn’t need to either.

This was one of our first AirBnB sweet, suite experiences. I would definitely recommend a visit here. Thomas and his crew were unbelievably friendly and helpful with what to do, where to go, and where to eat.

Wonderful AirBnb

Whether you are one person, two or more you will absolutely need to make RESERVATIONS in Leipzig. I have a complete BLOG on this destination too. The cool thing about Leipzig too is you are so close to Berlin and could add on a day trip there for not much Euro. 

5) Cologne, Germany

Last November, Jon and I had the best time in Cologne, Germany. My husband loves comedians. I’m not sure why so much, I think I am entertainment to keep him laughing forever. When I found out Jim Gaffigan (thanks, Elizabeth) would be in Cologne we bought some FAST ICE train tickets to this famous German town for the weekend.

Fall colors in Cologne

We stayed at the Marriott in Cologne because we are members and Jon really likes hotel stays too. A romantic weekend away with a touch of America. Compromise.

Our train ride was uneventful and actually filled with incredible scenery along the Rhein River. I loved snapping shots and videos of our moving train and the changing fall colors.

The BIG TRAVEL TIP takeaway is when you are booking your tickets, RESERVE your seats. Pay the extra money. I did not realize you needed to do this, so our first leg of the trip, the only standing room available on this FAST train was in front of the bathrooms. BLAH! 

To find out our itinerary and details – Click HERE!

Push Pin Travel Maps

6) Champagne – Ardenne, France

Champagne – Ardenne is incredibly gorgeous and filled with so much to see, you will think come on Wendy, I need longer than a weekend. You would be right, this will at least introduce you to a place that will capture your heart and bring you back maybe for a longer stay.

Town Hall - Ervy Le Chatel

You may also decide to visit Nancy or Dijon not a far drive from Germany as well. However, the petite cities of France, the people, the cuisine and wine culture, and the peacefulness of the country are where I like to lay my head. Plus, the weekly markets are so super cool around the region and host different local artisans you don’t see everywhere.

This weekend getaway will be a relaxing weekend. The drive is easy and the tolls were not too expensive, under €20. Enjoy pastoral, peasant France.

7) Faschina, Austria

Gray skies in Austria - but still beautiful

Austria for the weekend, yes! Untapped, natural beauty is just a weekend away. This part of Europe is naturally just breathtaking. Of course, I am kicking myself that I didn’t discover this gem earlier. If you love nature and the outdoors there is plenty for you to do, in any season. Europe’s new surge of hiking and skiing adventures have led to many, many mountain resorts taking advantage of all the seasons. What use to be a one-season holiday excursion is now year-round.

Recently my trip to Austria was so successful I hope to explore it further on a future trip. The hiking was superb, filled with waterfalls, scenery, great food, and fun parks. Even the gondola ride in the rain was a trip!

If you are traveling by car in the winter make sure you have winter tires. From October 15 – April 15 in Europe they are required to be on your vehicle. Whether you are renting or own your car, in some areas of the Alps depending on your car/van you’ll need chains too. Check before you go.


These are just a few weekend getaway ideas and inspiration. What are a few you would like to share? Need ideas for the weekend, closer to home? I’ve got a few easy to download E-books for around Germany too.

Travel with Wendy - Ebooks

Either way, I hope you have incredible adventures as you travel the world!

It’s always an adventure when you ©Travel with Wendy!


Weekend Getaways around Germany Weekend Getaways

Hiking in Austria ~ Faschina & Fontanella

Hiking in Austria - Faschina and Fontanella

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Green girl!Kindred spirits make traveling so much fun, hiking spirits are another kind of traveler altogether. I have a few of these adventurous friends who like to hike and love to explore. Hiking in Austria in cold, wet and rainy conditions, well, those are some GREAT friends. Here is our weekend in Austria hiking an all new Alpine region and finding out another glorious mountain to love. Thankfully, both these traveling gals said a resounding “YES!” Let’s do it, let’s get muddy. 


As it turned out it was a German holiday weekend. Unification weekend! Last-minute plans, oops! Unification weekend is a HUGE weekend of celebration and that means lots of train travel, staus (autobahn traffic) and very few places open with rooms. Especially short notice. Thankfully, we were able to head to Austria only a few hours away to try a different Alpine region to explore and hike.

Well marked hiking trails everywhere

How to get there


Travel by Train ~ if you are heading to Austria by train it is quite simple. If you are traveling within Europe there are Eurail passes you may purchase from America state-side prices.

TWW Stop sign girl

If you are a temporary resident of Germany or other EU country buying a Eurail pass from America to use while traveling in Europe is a no-no.  You’ll want to read the fine print here before you purchase a cross country Eurail pass. 

You should realize too that taking the train will be a combination of a train ride and a bus as these locations are high in the hills. 

Rainy but worth it!

We decided to drive as it was a 3.5-hour drive one way. Not bad for a weekend getaway. 

Travel TIP


Getting here from the states, the easiest airports are Zurich, Switzerland at about 2 hours drive and Münich around 3 hours. Both easy to fly into, however, right now Zurich flights into Europe are a bit cheaper.

Views from the apartment.jpeg

Stops along the way

Alpsee Bergwelt

We also thought since we were taking a more scenic route to “stop and smell the roses” or at least find out if there was a fun park on our way. We found the Alpsee Bergwelt. This outdoor recreation center is said to have the highest Alpine Slide in Germany and the longest in Europe at almost 2.5 kilometers long. That’s a FUN RIDE!


We didn’t let the rain stop us and we had a blast! Just remember “bremsen!” means to brake in German.


Good EatsStop to get a bite to eat ~ we enjoyed some soup and cocoa before getting back on the road. On a sunny day, you might decide to stay a bit longer. The beer garden and Gasthaus at the top of the hill looked inviting despite the weather. This area also appeared to be a great FAMILY destination. It might be somewhere that fits an active family with water sports, fun parks and lots of accommodations nearby.



Not on this weekend trip but you might be tempted to add the Bodensee or Lake Constanz to a weekend or week getaway. This large body of water happens to be one of the most beautiful in all of Germany surrounded by picturesque towns that have drawn tourists for centuries. 


For more ideas and inspiration check out my E-book! ~ Beauty on the BodenseeBEAUTY - correct

Next, we made our way to the Austrian Alps of Faschina

our digsOur digs

Gray skies in Austria - but still beautiful

Without a doubt, finding last-minute affordable accommodations is one of the biggest challenges. This is why I recommend not waiting until the last minute. However, let’s face it if I can fit in an extra weekend for fun without breaking the bank it is worth the time to see what is available. Luckily, we found the Alpenpanorama Konzett Faschina and Susanne!


Susanne made our stay absolutely perfect. As a host, she was responsive to my texts and messages and we ended up coming in a little later (from all our playing) which turned out to not be a problem. She also recommended where to buy groceries, hiking trails, and activities around the aparthotel.


A little rain and a little waterfall.jpeg

TWW Stop sign girlSpa bathing in Germany (for the most part.) Just a little helpful information. It is culturally accepted here and considered not a big deal. Here’s more info on spas around Germany and what you can expect.

Daily Boutique Deals


UNESCO Biosphere

Faschina and Fontanella are right in the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage Biosphere Reserve. The hiking trails throughout this area are well marked, indicate the difficulty and distance. I would have loved to hike for days as all the trails seemed to lead to waterfalls, lakes on top of the mountains and trees of every color.


The trails we chose were from the hotel and easy to walk to the trailhead. Thanks to Susanne we found one trail that led to a ski-lift and had two stops one in the middle of the mountain and the other to the top. Since the rain just would not let up we decided to only hike to the “mitte” middle. 

Austrian Hiking signs

This led us to Franz Josef hütte that was warm and friendly and was filled to the seams. The oompa music and smells were unbelievable. After a potty break and unable to find a seat in this packed Gasthaus on the mountain we continued with our hike.


Push Pin Travel Maps

Skiing too!

If you are a skier this place would be a tiny bit of heaven. Lots of trails and it appears for all levels. Cross-country skiing and other winter sports, ski lessons and super family-friendly. Here is a bit more information ~ Skiing in Walsertal.

Still more to see!

We only had the weekend and all three of us said we would have liked to stay a few more days. Without a doubt, this fun, breathtaking natural beauty is a keeper and there is still so much to investigate and share! 

It’s always an adventure when you ©Travel with Wendy!


Hiking in Austria - Faschina & FontanellaPin Me - Hiking in Austria

A weekend in Wales ~ Part Two

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Massive grounds of Conwy

My weekend in Wales was filled with so many things to do, see and eat I had to write two blogs. So here is A weekend in Wales – Part Two. You’ll want to read both blogs to make a full itinerary for your next UK adventure.  A weekend in Wales – Part One has where we stayed and some of my favorite restaurants we visited near Llandudno. Here are the rest of my must-sees in North Wales.

Castles along the Coast

North Wales is filled with castles. It might have been because King Edward I was determined to not lose Wales again, so he began construction on several castles to gain military and economic control of the region. It worked.

Welcome to Harlech


Green girl!Our next royal visit was to the Castle Harlech. This might have been my favorite, mostly because there is a legend of a tragic daughter Branwen,  from Ireland who was betrayed and While you walk the grounds, it is almost an eerie ghost-like feeling of tragedy and loss. 

There are interactive parts of the castle and Frances and I enjoyed our tour through history. It was a great time of year to visit and is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

Can you see me shivering - Harlech Castle

Let me take you through the vacant halls and ruins of the beautiful Harlech castle that served more as military fortress along the Irish Sea than a palatial playground. The sounds of the sea now on the outskirts of town were once billowing along the castle’s edge. Over time the sea has shifted its course and recedes further from inland.

Imposing Fortress

This was shocking to me because you can see an ancient drawing inside the castle of the massive waves crashing along the castle walls at one time. Hmmm, time.  According to UNESCO, today Harlech is considered to be one of the finest examples of 13th and 14th-century European military fortifications. I thought it was pretty cool.

 The self-guided tour was £6/person and they do have seasonal hours, be sure to check before you make the trip.

Snowdonia National Park

Rushing River

Green girl!Not far from Harlech was Snowdonia National Park. Being the parks and rec girl that I am and Frances is too, we just had to take the windy, gorgeous road through the woods. I am so glad we did.

Undoubtedly, one of the prettiest national parks in the U.K. Snowdonia is also the highest mountain in Wales. Alas, we tried to snap a shot of the but were not successful. We had a lot of laughs, which is worth it. 

Most of Wales in mountainous and hike-worthy. I will be taking advantage of this in the future, I just know it. Additionally, because of its location to the Atlantic, it can be wet and windy, but hey, I’m in Wales.

Snowdonia Waterways

©TWW Stop sign girl Driving in Great Britain

If you are renting a car in Great Britain, there are a few things to know.

Remember to ask for automatic transmission and a SMALL CAR. As small as you are comfortable with driving. England is left-side driving. 

*Pay attention to toll roads in WALES. As of 2016, there are certain roads/highways in Great Britain that have tolls, they are identified with a scanned-sticker for your car. There are two ways you can plan ahead~ 

  1. Share your destinations and routes with your rental car company and you can purchase the toll sticker
  2. Return the car and inform them that you were on toll roads, they will be getting a “ticket” (don’t worry, it’s not bad) and then sending it on to you, it is mostly for the local driver

After I found this out, I just set my WAZE to AVOID TOLL ROADS. It’s a more scenic journey anyway. 


Not far from Llandudno is the town of Conwy. We actually passed by this town on our way down the coast to Harlech and thought, WOW! This castle and town resemble something you would see from a novel written about the moody English towns with overcast skies and sailors bellying up to a bar with a patch over their eye. 

So incredibly BIG - Conwy Castle - Weekend in Wales

©TWW Stop sign girl

Be careful as you walk through the castle, these warning signs cracked us up.

Good Eats

While we were in Conwy we found a really nice pub/restaurant. I use Google Maps, EXPLORE feature to help me find gems around my location.

We found the Castle Hotel. I’m so glad we did. Dark woodwork decor like an old pub, great service, and MICHELIN star rated. These restaurants are not always super expensive just have exceptional menus. Definitely, the Castle Hotel Restaurant and pub was a keeper. 

Walking the Town

My recommendation for Conwy is to spend an entire day. Primarily, because this walled-in city is still walk-able and it reminds me of small towns of New England. The streets are lined with quaint shops set up for tourists, filled with local art and crafts. 

Walking the town of Conwy - Weekend in Wales

Conwy is also known for its Mussel industry. We had fun with this statue dedicated to the fishermen and the livelihood of the town. 

Finally, you can probably tell my fascination and wonder with Wales has only just begun. Since we spent all of our time in North Wales, I am challenged to visit South Wales next. If you happen to head there before me, please leave a comment and let me know what you find out. Hopefully, you have enjoyed part one and part two of these blogs and are able to create a complete itinerary for your adventure in Wales.

Need help developing an itinerary? I can help with that too! Each itinerary is created just for YOU!

TWW - Travel Itineraries

It’s always an adventure when you ©Travel with Wendy!


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