Outdoor fun in Stuttgart!

I love spending time outdoors, whether it’s hiking, biking, canoeing, or gardening. Here is some outdoor fun in Stuttgart that I just love. When the sun comes out near Stuttgart, I am always amazed at the crowds that head to the gardens, trails and wide open spaces! On most sunny days you’ll find me outdoors too even if I have to bring my laptop. 

Fellow explorers!

You may discover new friends who share your passion and enthusiasm for fresh air. I recently joined the FaceBook group Stuttgart Hike/Walk and this group is fantastic. This past week we went canoeing along the Neckar. 

The group is filled with wonderful people from Spain, France, Belgium, Germany and the States. Thankfully, everyone speaks English and we had a blast! 

I am so excited for future adventures with them as they also hiked in Oberstdorf in the Alps this past weekend, but I missed it for a hike in the Black Forest. Their activities are fun, organized and a great way to meet like-minded explorers.


Here is the information for canoe rentals along the Neckar.

  • Kanu-Witt (Boots-vermietung…translated Boat Rentals) 
  • Phone: 07121/96.60.90
  • Monday – closed, Tuesday – Friday 9:30 – 12, 3 p.m.- 7 p.m., Sat. 9:30 – 2 p.m.
  • Tickets
    • Erwachsene (adult ticket) (16-86 yr) €7
    • Jugend (youth ticket) (7-15 yr) €5
    • Kinder (child ticket) (1-6 yr) €3
  • Address – Wolfgang Neunhoffer, Am Mühlwehr 2, 72768 Reutlingen-Oferdingen
  • Website 

We took the regional train from Stuttgart to Reutlingen, then the bus, which gave me another opportunity to learn the rail system here in Stuttgart. I was also able to clock “über” steps on my FitBit®. However, parking is available, just not right in front of the building. Canoes and kayaks are available and, of course all safety equipment. It was not a long loop, just a 3km down and back but I think if you were more experienced, you could venture out to do more. 

TWW - hiking hut 2016

One of the best resources I have found to discover trails near Stuttgart is the web. Germany takes hiking to a whole new level. I absolutely love the signage and information most trail heads start with and how thorough they direct us along the paths. This is not to say I haven’t gone on the wrong trail, headed in the opposite direction or have gotten completely lost, but I think that’s just me. 

Not a problem if you get lost, most times you are not alone on the trails and other hikers will help you along. Whether it’s the Swabian Alb, the Black Forest (all three regions) or right here in Stuttgart, hiking trails all around us.

One of my favorite things to discover on a trail is finding a Wanderhütte or Waldhaus. These restaurants usually specialize in regional cuisine and have outdoor seating. This past winter I found a new favorite, the “Grünhütte” in the Black Forest that specializes in making blueberry pancakes, YUM! (Like our fried dough in the states, but crazy good)

For more information on my favorite trails in Baden-Württemberg, check out the HIKING link on my site! 

Wine Walks

Something new for me this year is Wine Walks. These are all over the wine country in Baden-Württemberg and this past weekend we celebrated with many Germans and Americans at the Esslingen Wine Walk.

Look for my blog coming out soon on http://www.militaryingermany.com about more wine walks in our region. 

TWW - bikers on the trail - outdoor fun in stuttgart

Although I don’t know as much about biking in Germany as hiking I still enjoy it quite a bit and if you have been here for a nano-second you can see how much others love it too. Bike trails around Stuttgart are pretty well-identified and rules are respected. For more information I wrote this article last year  about cycling in Stuttgart and still find it to be true. 

TWW - biking along the Neckar
Ropes Course

Want some more outdoor fun with the kids? Try the many, many “ropes courses” here in Baden-Württemberg. Several also have playgrounds for all ages, restaurants, and even mini-golf.

Here are a few of my favorites near Stuttgart:

Whatever you decide to do this spring and summer, I hope you go outdoors and play! Outdoor fun in Stuttgart should be easy to find now! It’s so much fun and you’ll meet some great people along the way.

If you’ve discovered trails or outdoor activities and would like to share… please leave a comment below.

Happy trails!

It’s always an adventure when you ©Travel with Wendy!

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