My top 10 favorite Travel Bloggers

One of my favorite things to do as a travel writer/blogger is to read other travel blogs and sites. Whether it’s finding secret hideaway places or getting deals on great hotels or accommodations, it’s fun to read about other writers’ journeys and finds. There’s a lot of people sharing out there. It’s awesome! Here are just a few of my favorite travel bloggers! I’m a sharer too, which is why I began this crazy blog in the first place. You can read more about that in my very first blog.

I believe everyone has a voice and a different style so there is something to learn from every writer. In the travel blogging world it’s collaboration not competition, every blogger I’ve written for advice or hints have been UBER helpful and glad to see I’m out there writing too.

Whether it’s visiting Croatia and following Boris on Stuttgart Friends all about Travel or far-far away places like Bora Bora, you’re bound to find someone who speaks your same travel language. 

TWW - Sigmaringen

Around town bloggers

Here’s a list of local bloggers that contribute to our community that I follow regularly as they are approachable, relevant and have current info. Most of them either have visited or will visit someplace I’d like to go to in Europe. So, it’s important I get the 411 before booking my plans. Who better to ask, then someone whose been there and likes to share.

TWW - Stuttgart fountain

Some even have themes, so if visiting castles or following the wine trails in Germany are your thing (which I love to do) here are a few that can help streamline the never-ending, sometimes-exhausting chore of writing your own travel plans.

1. Outside My Southern Comfort ZoneCheryl Koller

TWW - Outside my southern comfort zone

Cheryl is good friend and avid traveller, she’s traveled to lots of places and written quite a bit. This southern GA girl is fun and has very good taste in wine. Her stories are funny and enjoyable to read and as a military spouse I usually read with some “a-ha” moments and say “yea, been there, done that!”

2. Pack the Corkscrew Holly Elizabeth

TWW - Holly Elizabeth

Holly is hysterical and I love that she posts pictures of her family while traveling. It’s very personal. She is also traveling with little ones so if you are too, she’s a great read and has insight on some beautiful day trips too around Stuttgart. I also get her newsletter, which let’s me know what’s coming up!

3. Life in a suitcase Adi Yampey

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 9.05.01 PM

I first fell in love with Adi through her photography, her posts on FB are stunning and amazing. She is one talented travel photographer and writer. Then I met her in person and Adi is the bomb! She’s so cool and loves, loves, loves to travel so I follow her also on CheeseWeb, one of the most organized travel websites out there and easy to use. Sign up for the newsletter!

4. Southern Belle’s Fairy Tale Alexis Tucker

TWW - A Southern Belle's Fairytale

Alexis is all things castle and more. Her travel tips have really helped me discover places I wouldn’t have found if I wasn’t following her, plus her site has beautiful pictures and is easy to read. I wouldn’t have found out about Leanna (see below) without her.

5. The Economical Excursionists  Leanna Brown


Leanna is brilliant! Her website is perfect for anyone stationed overseas and is wondering…“What do I do now, I want to see it all!” She’s so smart, she also wrote a book that helps quite a bit for the military spouse community. I think it should be required reading for any incoming spouse eager to travel. Hmmm, there’s an idea for in-processing?

TWW - chillin by the bay

Around the globe bloggers

Around the globe bloggers… well, that was loosely written because some of the bloggers above will or are world-wide once orders come in.  Here are some bloggers that I follow who dedicate their whole lives to travel blogging and have beautiful sites.

TWW - Christy Woodrow @ ordinary traveler

6. Ordinary Traveler

This blogsite is so valuable to me as their main focus is primarily Europe. I really enjoy their blog and helpful tips. Plus, with Christy’s phenomenal photography it’s hard not to get excited about visiting some of these beautiful destinations. Where as some travel sites shout to get your attention, Christy’s site is a slight whisper that beckons you to listen more closely. Or pay closer attention with your eyes, I love it!

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 6.23.19 PM

7. Divergent Travelers

Another amazing travel photography and resource site that’s easy to use and is visually stunning is the Divergent Travelers. I started following them on Instagram and their daily picture had me scrolling for more. I easily find myself getting lost in all their beauty. They inspire me all the time.

TWW - Traveling well for less

8. Travel well for LESS!

This website and blogsite is great for finding deals and who doesn’t love a deal? Right. The more money I save while traveling the more places I can go, right! They occasionally will have giveaways too, which I love.

TWW - Adventure Junkies page

9. The Adventure Junkies

Because I love adventure and hiking this website is my go-to for adventure travel. I started following them first on Instagram, then Pinterest, now I’m just hooked. They have incredible blogs on hiking all over the world. I actually set a goal to hike at some of the places they recommend because it looks so unforgettable. So I’ll probably be blogging about that too.

TWW - travel for less

10. Plan your escape now! 

One of the blogsites to watch for 2015 this site has great insight on how to travel for free, books for sale and over 200+ places to explore. Getting the info from fellow travelers is one way to travel inexpensively and save yourself tons of time. Their destinations are listed in alpha order making it super easy to find your next destination. After I pick a destination, I check their site to see what I can do save more money.

Other really cool blogs!

So you wanna become a travel blogger?

Or maybe you’ve already decided to become a blogger too, if you do there’s also some bloggers out there who help others get started like Two Monkeys Travel! This crazy couple just got married and travel the world and is one of the fastest growing travel websites. Plus, I love how they personally contact you through an “old-style” email to greet you. Nice personal touch.

TWW - My top 10 final

So hopefully, this little list has got you excited about traveling around Europe or just traveling in general. I’m a newbie at this but am loving every minute of it. From the people and their stories to the beautiful places I have yet to discover I am so excited to be a part of this community. The world is just a huge book and I’ve only read a few pages!

Happy Travels!


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