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Daffodils in the walkway - Stuttgart

One of my favorite seasons in Europe, is SPRING!! Spring around Stuttgart is amazing. If you are new to the area, come discover this season with me. You will love the plethora of color, activity and fun. If you’ve lived here for a little while you know one of the blessings is the “change of season’s.” We actually have a few more than most people, there’s the usual, winter, spring, summer and fall, but we also have FEST and FASCHING season too – but spring, ahhh spring, it’s so pretty and lets face it, winter in Germany can be a little gray and gloomy.

So with anticipation we get excited at seeing crocus blossoms, tulips, the almond and cherry blossoms and celebrating the upcoming wine season. I’ve created a spring festivals page as a one-stop shop with links and details additional information.

Spring Festivals

Germans definitely know how to celebrate the bountiful growing seasons, whether it’s almonds, cherries, spargel or strawberries, spring brings the most colorful reasons to celebrate. Since we’ve lived in Germany, I delight in finding out new regional festivals every year. 

The Almond Festival in Gimmeldingen, Germany is a precious one-day festival celebrating the almond blossoms. This event is complete with an almond princess and a parade, bands, and great food. The little town of Gimmeldingen comes alive once a year to herald in these blossoms. 

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Every year we have gone it has been super cold, wear heavy layers or at least enough to peel off if its warmer. 

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Another great blossom festival in April is the Cherry Festival in Mösbach. This celebration in the north Black Forest is precious. With every possible version of Black Forest cake you could imagine it’s hard to not leave five pounds heavier. Every year we go to sample different kinds of food made with cherry sauce, cherry liquor and cherries. It’s so much fun. One of our favorite places to visit is the Schloßcafé in Mösbachthis exceptional dessert restaurant has many delicious treats to choose from ~ not only are they scrumptious but they have beautiful little replicas of the famous castles of Germany. Our kids think it is really cool.

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Hiking in the Black Forest

Hiking around Stuttgart is one of my absolute favorite things to do. I love nature and there are so many great places to explore EVERY SINGLE weekend in Baden-Württemberg.

Whether you join the small town of Zavelstein in the Black Forest to celebrate the crocus blossoms or decide to head out to the hills in Bad Wildbad for blueberry pancakes. Every day hiking experiences are not ordinary in this part of the world. 

Blueberry pancakes - Bad Wildbad

Wine Walks

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For those that love wine and hiking, you will love this part of Germany. Wine walks literally are the best of both worlds. They typically begin at a winery or in a wine town and charge a small entrance fee. (The fee usually includes a commemorative glass. If you are lucky it will have this year’s etching on it and you’ll get to keep as a memory.

Winefest - Esslilngen - Spring around Stuttgart

Wine walks also include:

  • Several tasting tents (sometimes the tastings are included in the entrance price) typically, there is a small fee for each tasting, like €2 per taste
  • At Esslingen’s Wine Walk, you may also buy bottles of wine to carry with you as well
  • Several food tents along the way 
    • Usually the food tents are paired with the wines that would best pair with the culinary treat
  • At the end of the wine walk, you’ll usually find the sweetest, dessert wines which combine with the cakes and sweet treats very nicely
  • Other drinks are available (soft drinks, water, and bubbly water)
  • Usually can’t find coffee or hot drinks, unless it’s cold (like sometimes, they’ll have cocoa)
  • Drink Responsibly, some wine walks are easily accessible by train. Take advantage of the train system – especially to the Esslingen Wine Walk. This walk in May is heavily attended and finding a parking space can be quite difficult.
Walking in Esslingen - Wine walk - Spring around Stuttgart

and more Spring stuff

Vogtsbauernhof – Open Air History Museum, Gutach

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Open Air Living History museum – Vogtsbauernhof in Gutach in the Black Forest. This unbelievable interactive park is filled with historical buildings from the 18th century where characters “work” and “farm” the way they did years ago in the Black Forest. Not only will we have a chance to make fresh butter on the farm, on fresh bread taken from a smokey hearth but our tour will end with a slice of Black Forest cake ~ yum! After our tour of the park we will head to Triberg, where we’ll visit the largest waterfall in Germany or for those folks wanting to  shop cuckoo-clocks they can take advantage of the many, many stores in this beautiful, famous town.

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