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Nancy - national theatre

Nancy, France is one of the most elegant French towns I’ve had the privilege of visiting…twice now! Taking images of Nancy seems to be one of my past-times because I wore my poor camera out and ran out of battery. I adore Nancy, not just because I have relatives and friends who bear the name but the city which inspired it. This gorgeous, artistic, cultural city is just a short drive from Stuttgart and makes for a perfect weekend getaway. In this blog, I’ve included my walking tour of the city at the end – enjoy my day in Nancy, again. 

Esplanade Stanislas

In the heart of Lorraine, Nancy is the largest metropolitan city in the region. Famous for their quiche lorraine which happens to be one of my favorites. To me, I’ll never taste one quite as good as the one we’ve had here. Here is a list of what to see, what to do, where to eat and other info including my walking map if you are thinking of a day or weekend getaway.

Quiche Lorraine - in Nancy

What to see

  • Place Stanislas – beautiful esplanade or old city square in the heart of Nancy, with a statue of King Louis XV. The square named after Stanislas Leszczynski, former King of Poland, who became Duke of Lorraine in 1737.

Square in Nancy - Stanislaus - Polish leader

  • Cour d’Appel de Nancy – Ministry of Justice – and court of appeals in France
  • Palais du Governeur Militaire
  • Basilique Saint Epvre

Notre Dame - Nancy

  • Musee Lorrain

Musee Lorrain - Nancy

  • Porte de la Craffé
  • Parc de la Pépinière
  • Nancy Tourism office – definitely worth stopping into – great information and right on the square in Stanislaus Place.

Concerts and Art Museums

  • Nancy is filled with art museums, I haven’t had the chance to visit them yet, but they are on my list!
  • While you’re in Nancy why not catch a concert! Known as one of the best musical towns in all France, there is a concert almost every weekend – INFO HERE!

Where to eat

When I am in Nancy, I tend to eat at Café du Commerce, right on the square, easy to find, wonderful service and excellent menu! If there is space be sure to sit outside on the square and embrace eating at a French café-restaurant.

Need more sweet treats!

Patisserie Golle

How to get there

Driving to Nancy is a beautiful day drive from central Germany, however, it’s also accessible by Train (use Trainline.Eu) this is a train broker for several different train systems including SNCF (French Railways) and DB (Deutschbahn).

Driving to Nancy can be delightful especially if you stop along the way, here are a few places worth a detour. 

Riquewihr – Ribeauville



Parking – Old town tour (include map and info on itineraries)

One of the best things about France is their parking lots. Yes, lots. I love open-uncovered parking lots versus parking garages. Pretty much anywhere in Europe and especially when you drive a 9 passenger van. Trying to tweak into the small spaces can be unnerving even for the most accomplished driver.

Park HERE if you are going to Place Stanislas, PARKING VAUDÉMONT, Terrace of the Pépinière, 54000, NANCY, on Sunday it was €1/hour, although there were only 70 spots.

I hope you have enjoyed my day trip through Nancy, here is the walking guide-tour map to take along to see all the highlights of this amazing city! I hope you find new discoveries too ~ 

It’s always an adventure when you ©Travel with Wendy!



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  1. Thank you so much. I’m going to go to Lascaux this summer and noticed that Nancy was on the way. It’s nice to know that there is something fun to do on the way to see the caves.

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