Nove, Italy Pottery and More!

Streets of Bassano del Grappa - Nove, Italy
Views of Bassano Del Grappa

Nove, Italy. More than just pottery! For sure, lots of pizza, great flea markets, incredible history and architecture, and the sweetest B&B! A few conversations with clients have begun something like, “Hey, didn’t you go to Nove, Italy this year… uh, where’s the blog?” Well, this wasn’t the only blog I’m playing catch up on, but for those of you waiting patiently, THANK YOU! This was my first “little” weekend trip of 2018 to the Vincenza region of Italy for a little shopping, sight-seeing, and enjoying some lovely Italian food! Here is our trip in a nutshell.

Our digsour digs

We stayed at the Agriturismo Crocerone with Xeno, Pietro and Adriana. Immediately we were greeted with smiles and a wonderful welcome. Their renovated modern farmhouse was perfect for our short stay. Very pretty and clean, clean, clean! Our breakfast was included and we had eggs to order every morning! YAY! 

Sure we could have picked a “chain” hotel or even something closer in town BUT I was so glad I found this Agriturismo (B&B.) Xeno totally helped us find new and interesting places to eat, visit and shop and promised to help again on my next visit. They were SUPER! They also have a huge parking lot so taking the big van was not a problem. By the way, it is set off in the country so the quiet nights were totally appreciated.

Being in the heart of the city or in Bassano del Grappa might have been a bit much. They were perfect! Great lobby area for us to meet and greet and spacious rooms with modern conveniences. Perfect for a shopping weekend.

*Since COVID my friends have closed the Agriturismo Crocerone, it is will a heavy heart and sadness I share this news.

Fresh breakfast & More!

TIME TO SHOP in Nove, Italy!

My Italian pottery buys! - Nove shopping

Here were a few of our pottery stops ~ YES! I LOVE Italian pottery ~ one of the secrets of Nove Italy is you can just drive around and find Ceramica stores just about at every corner. Here are a few we really liked ~ 

1)VBC Ceramica ~ I found this store to have both selection and fair prices. The quality was also very good. I bought most of my ceramics here. So you may want to hit this first or on your way out depending on how you shop.

2) Elios  – ask for Paola (tell her Wendy sent you)

3) Ceramica Edelweiss – one of the prettiest stores – closed on Sundays – definitely super cool designs and authentic! Check the website for hours – I was able to bring them up on Google+ as well.

4) Ceramiche Larry S.K.G – religious and artist pottery, one of a kind pieces that are truly Italian pottery

Interesting pieces around Nove.jpg

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Time to Flea Market

Mercatino dell’Antiquariato e del Collezionismo ~ this store is about the size of two football fields ~ NO KIDDING! We loved perusing here and spent quite a bit of time. The bigger items made of wish we brought a truck!

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Bassano del Grappa

Historic bridges, castles, medieval buildings just everywhere. You know this travel girl was psyched to include a little bit of history and culture into the “shopping” trip. Totally psyched when I found out it was a huge town during the early 1000’s – they built the castle around the church. How cool is that? Then having been tossed between Verona and Vicenza, it finally began to prosper under the Veneto (Venice rule.) So many stories surround this town, it is way more famous than it’s “grape/grappa” schnapps that is pretty close to moonshine. WOW! 

Jacopo Bassano was a late Renaissance provincial painter born here and then after the blood shed of Napoleon, WWI and II, the area city changed its name to Bassano del Grappa – for the painter and the mountain. Gotta love Nove, Italy! 

Gorgeous town of Bassano

Visit the Tourist office which had a lovely street map and lots to see, you would need almost a full day to see it all – might even want to book a tour!

Where to eat in Nove, Italy

  • Pizzeria Bella Capri excellent pizzeria in the heart of Bassano del Grappa – the Chef even looks like Chefboyardee ~ amazing pizza I could eat it every night!
  • BreakPoint Pizzeria & Kitchen – this restaurant has a choice of different dishes including cheeseburgers, schnitzel, and pizza ~ the decor reminds me of beach restaurants in the states with an eclectic cowboy motif! 
  • Cafe Roma  – located in Nove, just check their FaceBook page for accurate opening times


Special NOTES
  • If you are traveling with a large group please email your request as soon as possible to Xeno and Adriana for a better rate and consideration.
  • There is a 10% discount at most of the pottery stores if you pay in CASH
  • Vicenza is not that far away – you may decide to add on another day – a beautiful town with lots to do as well! 

Consequently, while vIsiting Nove and Bassano del Grappa for me was not only Italian pottery run, but I also made friends. Also, I learned a lot about the region. Definitely, I am looking forward to another adventure soon and returning to say “Ciao” and maybe a do little more shopping, o.k, a lot!

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