What I loved about COPENHAGEN!

Pirate ship along the harbor

Copenhagen, Denmark might not be on everyone’s BUCKET LIST, but it should be. What I loved about Copenhagen is exactly what you would think. It is magical, unbelievably gorgeous, great eats, and a fun city. The magnificent danish town of Copenhagen should absolutely be on your must-see list if you are heading to Denmark or Scandinavia.

Copenhagen harbor

If you’ve heard of the “Little Mermaid,” and Hans Christian Anderson, you’ll be happy to know this is just one little stop on your visit to Copenhagen. 

Join me as we take a walk around this coastal city on the water for a weekend filled with so much to do and see! You will fall in love like millions do a year, including me as you tour Copenhagen.

Welcome to the Palace - Copenhagen

Our digs in Copenhagen

our digs

With the loyalty points we were collecting and its location we decided staying at the Copenhagen Marriott was a win-win. With no car, we wanted to walk around the city on foot and I am so glad we did. Our hotel was located absolutely perfectly in relation to all the “sites to see.”

We also decided to grab a bite to eat at the Marriott because it had great reviews and views of the harbor. 


TWW Stop sign girlKa-CHING$$

Danish money

When you prepare to visit Denmark know before you go that “FOOD” will be the most expensive thing you spend money on. Even compared to visiting museums, castles, and attractions, food is #BANK. Ha! Don’t be surprised if you spend about $40/person for lunch at a BBQ joint or if you are just grabbing a burger. 

Parliament of Denmark

I guess it is because it has to travel so far, whatever the reason, just know, you might want to pack a few snacks for your mid-meal.

Travel TIP

One of my HUGE travel tips is the new Google Research BUTTON! If you want to follow me – click here! I love to use the explore button in the area to find out what restaurants rate and why! Also, I’m on TripAdvisor too.

Good Eats

War Pigs

This BBQ restaurant is FANTASTIC!! Picnic setting and really tasty, tasty BBQ. This place is such a hit with my American friends and a taste of home while visiting DENMARK! So super cool you will love it. Great beer choices and types of BBQ sauce. You can order ribs, brisket pork butt or shoulder with slaws, sides, and salads. 

Kanal Cafeen on the Harbor

We found Kanal Cafeen on the Harbor as we began walking around the Marriott and were a bit peckish after our flight. So glad we did. We were lucky to get in and would have probably been seated on the water if we had a reservation. 

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Travel TIP

Depending on the time of year, you will definitely want to make reservations. During the busy season, it is especially difficult to find a place to eat. Copenhagen on average has over 2 million visitors a year.  That’s a lot of people to feed. 

Canal fun


Everyone speaks English so you are safe – it is o.k. to try a few words in Danish. But I will tell you its a very difficult language to learn. 

Green girl! Sites to see

Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen is a really cool amusement park, botanical garden, and eccentric fun park. It’s located right in the heart of the city and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but you can expect some fun.

Filled with restaurants of almost every cuisine, amusement rides, music shows, and a light show, you’ll keep very busy for several hours. Tickets are about $50/person for entry and do not include your meal. You will have 


Skateboard life.jpg

The area of Christiana is a cool-hip neighborhood in Copenhagen. It is definitely becoming quite the popular destination stop if you are visiting the city. However, while we were there the residents are not too keen on pictures or videos of their artwork that dons every building and you will definitely sense the strong smell of marijuana as you walk the colorful streets.

There was a flea market the day we visited and I was able to snap a few pictures at the entrance, I love street art. If you are touring with children, I would not make this a stop. 

Hop-on/Hop-off Boat Cruise

With as many tourists as June could handle, you can imagine the popularity of the Hop-on/Hop-off Boat cruises. We really enjoyed the Red LINE boat, our ticket included the bus too, however, we only took the boat. Lots to see along the shores, including the state for the Little Mermaid.  

The tickets were about €35/person but we thought with the combo-ticket it was worth it.

On the boat

We had such an amazing time in Copenhagen ~ definitely a place that you could visit again and again. Ultimately, if it is not on your must-see list, it should be! These are just a few things that I loved!

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