A Weekend in Lexington

BLOG - A Weekend in Kentucky
Welcome to Lexington

This would be my very first time in Lexington, Kentucky! However, after our weekend I knew this would not be my last. So impressed with this Kentucky town filled with a “small town” feel, charm, horses, and tons of history. Who knew? Jon said we have a few days and Marriott points so let’s head up to Bourbon country. His favorite, not mine. I prefer grapes. Of course, I am always interested in finding more about the history of small businesses around the world, Bourbon now has become an almost $9 billion dollar industry in Kentucky alone.

our digs

Our digs

Ordinarily, I would prefer to stay in a small Bed and Breakfast in the downtown district. We will definitely do that on our return visit. However, our trip was in May and COVID was traveling too. So we chose Marriott Lexington. Marriott has had the best reputation for maintaining strict health guidelines and we appreciated all the hard work on our arrival. It was apparent workers wanted to be safe AND stay open!

Touring around Town

Lexington - Pavilion

Touring around town was super special, it was a quiet weekend with no special events or functions going on. Additionally, we could really take in all the architectural beauty and pop into restaurants and shops when we got a bit hungry or curious. Lexington was filled with murals! I love MURALS – art and a message, truly moving.

Shop Jane

Ordinarily I use GoogleMaps to guide my way around a new city now since most tourism offices are closed due to COVID or have limited hours. Follow me on Google for more lists and recommendations! Lexington, Kentucky has several points of interests, eateries, bars, and more!

Mary Todd Lincoln House

In addition to the Lincoln Memorial State Park on our way up to Lexington (watch for that VLOG) we also discovered Mary Todd (Lincoln) was born and raised right here in Lexington and her house is within walking distance from the downtown area.

Triangle Park
Good Eats!

Good Eats!

Lexington, Kentucky is filled with incredible Chefs and culinary delights so many in fact it was hard choosing. One TRAVEL TIP I am happy to share is MAKE RESERVATIONS! It was definitely necessary because of COVID and also limited seating. We found it extremely difficult to just “pop” into a place that wasn’t fast food. So we decided to make our way to the Rooftop Restaurant at the Marriott, Infinity: A Skybar & Café.

Pies & Pints

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Bourbon Tastings & Touring!

On the whole, JP is a fine collector of Bourbon and when we visited Scotland he learned all about the whisky there as well. So this was fun watching him taste test like I do wine.

Bourbon on Rye

House of Bourbon

The House of Bourbon was so fun! We were the only ones there on this Sunday morning. From unique distilleries to antique brands that are aged and full of flavor. Jon had a ball.

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Don’t forget the Shoppette

As a matter of fact, don’t forget the shoppette! For those of you carrying a Military I.D. Jon remembered that the Shoppette at Fort Knox, Kentucky had a well-stocked Bourbon collection. So in any event, we made our way there on our way out of town.

Hiking around Lexington

We also enjoyed a little hiking around Lexington. I discovered McConnell Springs right on the outskirts of town. A historical park and easy hiking trail accessible for all. I have a ton of information in this hiking vlog and more hiking inspiration on my YouTube channel.

Some historians believe this was the first location of Lexington’s beginnings. There are foundations, fresh springs, hundred year old trees and lots of natural beauty.

In any event, we made a reservation. However, at the time of this writing one is not needed but the weekends do fill up quickly. Hiking has become very popular in Kentucky and the south during COVID so be mindful of requirements and regulations when visiting city or state parks.

Lexington, Kentucky is definitely a keeper with more to see, and do we only touched the surface. I know Jon will be excited about some Bourbon and BBQ and I’ll be checking out the Old Friends Equine Farm as well. We will #travelagain more adventures to come.

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