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This year I have visited Dublin, not once, not twice, but three times! That’s not all in total, I’ve visited Dublin half a dozen times. So today’s article “Foodie in Dublin” is dedicated to all the great finds I have discovered this year and over the years from fish and chips to great burgers and Guiness stew, here they are.

Fish & Chips

I have to include Fish & Chips of course, because it is an Irish staple and thanks to my friend Candy I have quite a few to share. She loves Fish & Chips and when we visited in September ’22 and again this spring we might have tried a few places out. This foodie in Dublin found it hard to just keep our search to a few favorites.

foodie in dublin - fish and chips
Fish & Chips – Dublin-style
Old Storehouse

The location of Old Storehouse in the heart of Temple Bar might make it tough to even recognize there’s another pub there. However, you would be missing out if you skip this restaurant, pub and music venue. Get all your picture taking done and then stop in here for some fish and chips. On our first visit, Candy and I just Googled best fish and chips in the Temple Bar area, mostly because we arrived around lunch time and it was within walking distance of our stay.

Old Storehouse has live music too as well as beer and cider on tap. It was so good and memorable we returned with my daughter Katy this past May as well.

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Darkey Kelly’s

Darkey Kelly’s is located on the outskirts of the Temple Bar area, not too far from Dublin Castle and St. Patricks’ Cathedral. The legend of Darkey Kelly’s is actually quite creepy, but also empowering.

Dorcas Kelly was the brothel owner and falsely accused of witchcraft, but was executed for murdering five men. Here’s a bit more info. Today, this super lively pub has LIVE music nightly and we were thrilled to get a front row seat both times we visited.

Book of Kells

TRAVEL TIP: Arrive early if you would like to have a seat. Reservations ARE NOT taken, it’s a first-come, first-serve basis.

Their menu is traditional Irish Pub food as well as beer and cider on tap. You can find bangers and mash here, fish and chips (of course) and beef and Guiness stew as well as Bailey’s Irish Cream Cheesecake.

The pub is open until 12:30 a.m. however the kitchen did close around 9:00 p.m. on one of our visits so we missed out. But great food and music.

Leo Burdock Fish & Chips

Since 1913 Leo Burdock’s Fish & Chips has been a unique Dublin favorite. We had a blast being the first in line as soon as it opened to get hot, fresh food. We visited the Christchurch Street store and grabbed our to-go and had a seat on a park bench. Just know there are some flighty friends that will insist on just a bite.

You can easily share one piece and the chips are huge too. I could see why it is a favorite. It’s a great grab and go place and there are locations around the city.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK)

This somewhat gourmet/upscale burger joint was located on Anne St. close to St. Stephen’s Green. This cool little hip neighborhood is dotted with shops, pubs and restaurants. I imagine it gets quite busy as well.

Our little group enjoyed a really good burger AND they even have VEGAN and VEGETARIAN options. The decor is casual and hip, but the menu is surprising. From Halloumi bites to Chick Chick Boom Boom (a chili fried chicken sandwich with garlic mayo, blue cheese and jalapeño.

Our group really enjoyed a pop-in here after a week around the Irish countryside. Love me some Irish food, but it was great to get a burger and fries too.

The Bank on College Green

The Bank on College Green was once part of the banking system of Dublin and the interior is just spectacular. Outside is Scottish Sandstone and inside, WOW! Stain glassed ceilings, mosaic tiled floors and pillars of marble that definitely make you feel like you have stepped back into the Victorian era.

We enjoyed a late lunch here and some drinks and had spectacular seats. We enjoyed some seafood chowder and Slow Braised Beef & Guinness Pie.

My throat was a bit scratchy so I tried an Irish Penicillin, made up of Irish Whisky, honey, ginger syrup and crystallized ginger. It hit the spot.

Irish Penicillin

You can make reservations for dinner, which I would recommend. The food was great as well as our cocktails. It is quite a production for the bartender prepares craft drinks for customers. It is like a show, centered in the middle of the grand room.

The Whiskey Reserve

What kind of tour operator would I be if I took a group to Ireland and we didn’t try some Irish Whiskey? Well, thankfully I had willing participants. Just a few of them, HA! On our last day of the tour through Dublin, we stopped into The Whiskey Reserve. Brand new to the Temple Bar area, we were there on their third day of opening.

Tom and Rob the bartenders gave us a bit of a tasting while we were visiting. Be sure to check out the Vlog on this too. They have whiskey from all over the place not just Ireland but Scotland and Japan too. There are also several rare collection pieces as well.

You can also schedule a private tasting for more information be sure to check their website. Because we were just at the beginning of our tour, I only had an Irish Coffee. An Irish coffee has coffee, whiskey, brown sugar and topped with whipped cream. YUM!

Butler’s Chocolate

Butler’s Chocolate this decadent sweet confectioners has been based in northern Dublin since 1932. Today, you can find their stores all over town, in the airport and actually Ireland. Considered luxury chocolates, you can also find them on Amazon too.

We visited the Liffey Street location and enjoyed a scrumptious hot chocolate. I also grabbed a few bags to take home to America too. There are 18 locations country wide and sixteen in Dublin. I would say “Butler’s” is a hometown favorite.

They are also a coffee shop with baristas, serve sandwiches and other baked goods. You will definitely be glad you stopped in here if you have a sweet tooth.

With someone who has over 35 years of education and experience in the travel industry

As you can see in just a few visits we were able to traverse the town to tantalize our tastebuds. HA! Dublin is not in short supply of great restaurants the challenge will be where will you try on your next visit.

It’s always an adventure when you ©Travel with Wendy!

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