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Beach views - Tossa del Mar

Green girl!Catalonia’s majestic coast, Costa Brava.. With a plethora of towns to choose from it was so hard to choose where to begin our journey. We had the wonderful opportunity to visit Costa Brava in Catalonia this spring and I just fell in love with this country and its people. Here are a few of my highlights – check out my YouTube channel too for the VLOG as well.

Castle del Mar - Tossa del Mar

Just north of Barcelona on its eastern coast are the beach towns of Tossa de Mar, Pals and Gerona. When you book a flight to Barcelona from Germany be sure you know which Barcelona airport you are landing. We flew into the Girona airport, small, easy in and out but 1 hour without traffic north of Barcelona. So that kind of determined our visit. My friend Eva invited us to tour this area with her and her fiance, Kevin. So we jumped at the opportunity. 

Girona Airport

Green girl!First stop, Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar ~ as soon as we arrived we walked our way up to the Castel de Mar. Here we found a wonderful park and a bite to eat with spectacular views.

After walking the old town and doing a little shopping we headed to Tamariu. 


Our beach at Tamariu

We decided to stay in Tamariu. Still an hour away from the airport but we were right on the ocean…ahh, no brainer. This coastal town is quiet, has a small beach, a few restaurants and I found this three – star hotel that had wonderful service. 

our digs

The Hotel Hostalillo was a perfect fit. Right on the water, balcony side view, wonderful staff, clean,clean room and internet that worked! They also offered a 15% discount for booking directly through their website. Be sure to look for off-season specials. Going in April helped us get a rate of €102/night with breakfast.

The beach town of Tamariu was small but special, it seemed like it was probably a local favorite in the summer months. I felt right at home. We arrived late and had dinner in the hotel restaurant. Very good and service outstanding, but I would recommend making reservations when you check-in as they were quite busy. We stayed a few nights here making this our base to travel to the surrounding coast line towns.

Tamariu at night


This town is a little inland medieval village with an ancient history. Dating back to the 900’s it is charming filled with little shops, eateries, hostels and museums. We had so much fun wandering the streets. 

and testing out the church bells… whoops!


We met colorful Paco from La Muralla Artesanies, very knowledgable and talented artist in one of the towers that connected the city wall. We had a little fun with him as he made us take a picture with him standing “inside the city,” Eva, “inside the wall” and me “outside the wall.” As you can see it was very funny!

 ~ Flea Market finds in PALS ~ 


One of my favorite towns was the city of Begur. Although this town was a little commercial and visited by many tourists this April, it had a LOT of activity going on. So I would definitely say, “don’t skip it!” As a matter of fact, we stopped by the tourist office and they had a ton of information. We enjoyed a walk up to the castle although it was quite a windy day.

But we couldn’t visit the town without stopping by the beach. Eva found a hiking trail along the waters edge… we just had to take it!

Green girl!Girona

Our last stop on our adventure was the town of Girona. You might recognize it, it was a film scene for GoT (Game of Thrones.) For us it was also a highlight of our trip because we were there during the Festival of St. George, April 23rd. (A mysterious knight who saved a princess from a dragon.)

This traditional fest includes a red rose and a book. It is customary for men to give their beloved a red rose and the beloved to give a book. So we saw many, many book stores and flower booths throughout the old town where many Catalonian flags were hanging from windows. 

TWW - snailDefinitely a favorite destination for the French, we found many menus in different languages including German and French. So, I have a feeling this is a busy destination in the summer since it is so close to the southern french border. It is a great place to grab some fresh paella and seafood prepared a little different than their own coastline. I also think with the easy flights from other parts of Europe and the U.K. it is easier than ever to get to this destination.


Good Eats Of course, no trip would be complete without sharing some of the wonderful foods we tried while we were visiting. A Catalonian dish that is super popular is Paella (this is traditionally served in a big cast iron pan) with rice, lots of different seafood and a red sauce that is super tasty. Remember clams will typically have the shells still on them, but this is traditional ~ Paella - BIG PAN

 Our visit to the Catalonian coast – Costa Brava was short and sweet but definitely just a teaser. With great friends, good beaches and lots to eat it will definitely need to be explored some more!

Quiet beach at Tamariu - April

It’s always an adventure when you ©Travel with Wendy!


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