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Edinburgh ~ Scotland, deluxe accommodations

Planning a trip can be stressful. Finding a great place to stay and accommodations, even harder. Here are our deluxe accommodations in Scotland that were fabulous and I can’t wait to share them with you. The Apartments by Mansley asked if I would like to visit a few of their properties in the United Kingdom and I am so happy I did. For those of you who travel in groups or with families or want your own private space, these serviced apartments are just the ticket. Wonderful beds, SUPER CLEAN, great internet, excellent location to sites and tons of customer service. Who could ask for anything more?


The Knight Residence in Edinburgh could not be more centrally located! A 10-minute walk to both the Royal Mile and castle and about 3 to 5 minutes to the Grass Market, just perfect in the heart of the city. In 2017, it was named BEST hotel in the UK for customer service by Trivago and for the past eight years in succession, they have won awards by Expedia as being one of the TOP HOTELS IN THE WORLD. There are 35 units at the Knight Residence and parking was easy-peasy with reservations. There are 20 in the main building and then 15 across the street! WOW!

Edinburgh is the town for deluxe accommodations

Customer Service is AMAZING!

Customer Service was absolutely amazing! I love finding deluxe accommodations with style and service. First, we were greeted by Blessing, a wonderful front desk clerk. Our flight was very, very late and he totally hooked us up with finding a quick bite to eat before bed. Phew~ My only regret was that we weren’t staying longer because the kitchen was tricked out!

We enjoyed our walk around the city at night and the lively Grass Market area. This college town was hopping and brought back lots of memories. 

Rohan - Front Desk Reception - accommodations
  • Book early – like a year out! 
  • Book directly – (there are discounts if you book directly through them) Some are up to 15% off!
  • Repeat customers get a better rate – so STAY, STAY, STAY!
  • Ask about different rooms and suites
  • Remember to book parking at the same time, some accommodations in Edinburgh parking close by is not an option
  • There are grocery stores very close by and within walking distance 

Other extras that I liked a lot was the level of security. We were in the heart of the city and I felt very safe. Our door also had my name on it and at the front of the hotel – my name was listed on the apartment front – made me feel kinda special!

This is my fourth visit to Edinburgh and I am beginning to feel like this is my town. I am so glad the Knight Residence and their accommodations will now by my home and I will visit some friends. However, we weren’t done with Scotland yet…next, we headed out to Inverness ~ 

Inverness, Scotland in July


As we made our way up to the Highlands I was in anticipation of what we might expect having left such a nice place in Edinburgh, WOW, was I in for a surprise. The Highland Apartments were definitely deluxe accommodations, centrally located right in the heart of Inverness. Seriously, these were views from our apartment.

I was so WOW’d by our apartment here I really didn’t want to leave. The balcony… just check it out. It seemed like every room was exceptional. 


  • Make reservations directly through the Mansley Group
  • You can arrive by car or by train
  • The car park is not for VERY BIG CARs but there is parking in Inverness for larger vehicles
  • Apartments also come in different sizes 
  • Having your own kitchen is AWESOME!
  • Recommend staying at least 2 to 3 nights! 

Whether you are hunting down some whisky tours, finding out some family name history or researching some Outlander sites, the location for the Highland Apartments by Mansley is another perfect accommodation location. We were able to walk around town, visit the castle, pop into a pub for some fish and chips and walk along the Ness River. Pretty cool.

Incredible views

Of course, when our day was done we LOVED having a pause on our huge deck! Look at this ~ 

Sunset from our balcony - Inverness, Scotland

The suites were phenomenal and again a full kitchen for an extended stay would make it much more affordable to make and cook our own meals. Food in Scotland, especially during the summer months is probably the most expensive item on your travel list. If you can trim it by preparing in your own kitchen I consider that a plus.

I am always looking for unique and interesting accommodations that is unique, in a great location, ease of reservation and fit the needs of my group. Both apartments were quite spacious and comfortable. We felt like if we had brought our family it would have been perfect to spread out and have our own space. I am so happy making this partnership as I am already planning my group trip to Scotland for 2019.  Maybe you’ll like to join me ~ 

If you are planning an adventure or trip to Scotland soon, please consider Mansley Serviced Apartments, I promise you will LOVE it too!

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