Beautiful Isle of Skye ~ Scotland

Views of SkyeI could not wait to visit the Isle of Skye! You know that feeling you got when you were a kid at Christmas and you thought you were getting an Atari or a Pong, that kind of feeling. This beautiful island has been a dream for me for quite some time, even before coming to Germany. I love to hike and hitting this part of Scotland was on the top, top of my list. So this summer, we had the opportunity to visit this Scottish Isle that is an Instagram phenomenon! After a stop off in Edinburgh and Inverness we headed north for a few days and I was so excited I think I even squealed. 

If you’ve read my blog, you may have noticed I absolutely love Scotland. It’s one of my favorites. The landscape, the people, the food, spectacular. Yup, that’s the trifecta for me. They also make some pretty good gin and whisky, so that is just a major BONUS, but I’ll talk about that more later.

Green girl!What you can expect ~

  1.  Skye is filled with small towns all around the island and even smaller roads. Don’t rent a BIG car – you’ll regret it. We had a wee little car and JP doesn’t like to drive opposite side, ya know, that’s o.k. I love it. My creative brain goes into overdrive trying to figure it all out. Just drive slow ~ like your grandpa and grandma.

Excuse me ~

2.  The people were fantastic! Everywhere we went, from little pubs to roadside stands or passerby’s (sometimes we ran into a sheep-traffic-jam) and people would just begin chatting to one another. Mostly tourists and yet still happy, you ask why? Well, they were in Skye, of course! 

3. Portree is just busy ~ it just is – the main town for the whole island. If you decide to stay here and make this your base camp…DON’T. I loved it, it was cute and had a few restaurants BUT you would be cheating yourself. And trust me they get a lot of tourists… HOWEVER…. get your groceries here. It is basically the one and only BIG grocery store on the whole island – SO STOCK UP! If all CAPs means I’m yelling its because I am, I’m not kidding. You may end up on the other end of the island and you are “outta luck” for getting anything but snacks to tide you over from a gas station. Real story. Those aren’t plentiful either. So plan accordingly.Need gas NOW!

Also, the seagulls are evil here, I experienced such a tragic event with my “Fish and Chips” here I am still traumatized. The way Jon tells it laughing is much better. But after the massive bird attack of my dinner and my face, my pride will never be the same. Sorry we were too slow for a video! You can trust me though, it was “for real!”

Green girl!

~ On your way to Skye ~

Getting to Skye is another story altogether. We had the distinct pleasure of driving from Inverness to Skye and we stopped along the way. Our first stop was the Redburn Cafe and Giftshop. If you get a chance, you can grab a bit of breakfast, coffee, and more. Their lovely picnic tables make it easy if you packed your own stash. Also, for a bit of quid you can buy a little feed and hop over to the hairy cattle field across the street and feed the local cows. Super cool! Although quite a few horseflies in July! Ouch!! Still fun to snap a few shots.

Next on your journey be sure to stop for either pictures or a tour of the Eilean Donan Castle. This super cool, set on an inlet castle has been filmed A LOT, tons of movies, almost 20!! From 007’s to Made of Honor, Elizabeth and Highlander to name a few. I loved photographing this place but the line to enter was quite long so exterior photos only and then off to the island.

Eilean Donan Castle.jpg

Our digs!

Green girl!

We lucked out, as soon as I knew we could go to Scotland,  I booked us right away and I am so glad I did. The Isle of Skye fills up super quick – almost a year OUT! 

We stayed with John and Jackie McKay at the Hebron House near Portree ~ immediately we had a warm welcome – their personable, beautiful B&B makes you feel so incredibly special. John helped me BEFORE we even set foot in Skye. He wrote an email with wonderful ideas for hiking and exploring around the island and only a return visit would bring his suggestions proper respect. UGH, we just didn’t have enough time!

TWW - snailEvery morning our breakfast was made to order and phenomenal and John always had more suggestions for us to visit. The night we arrived, I was clueless as to where to grab dinner, etc. or even know the area. They made reservations for us close by at the Edibane Inn and Jackie dropped us off and picked us up – so I could have a glass of wine… or gin and tonic. ‘Cause I was in Scotland.

TWW Stop sign girlAlso, Skye has a policy now – 2 NIGHT MINIMUM – I actually love this policy. If you visit you must stay a minimum of two nights, it helps the B&B, hostels, etc and it cuts down on the riff-raff who are just looking to stamp their passports. Responsible tourism taken to the next level. LOVE IT! Way to go ~ Skye! 

John and Jackie Mackay

 ~ Nature’s paradise and history ~

Sheep and Skye

Green girl!

John hooked me up with hiking trails but also historical sites. One of our first visits was the Museum of Island Life.  This museum shows the hard core way of life for islanders  and just blew me away. We have teens that whine about bad internet service, these people faced frigid temperatures that were unbelievable, invaders who only wanted to pilage (by the way Rob Roy was not a great guy), and their indomitable spirit was mind-blowing. Well, for today’s standards. Makes me so glad to have Scottish heritage. They were… hard core. 

~ Time for a hike ~ 

Flodiggary was the hike we were shooting for ~ on the opposite side of the island from Hebron House we drove along the coast until we reached this beautiful hiking trail and parking lot. It was actually filled with busses of hikers. YEA, no way… these were my peeps! Jon and I headed out on the  trail that seemed slow and sloping, however, we learned real quickly when a Skye-lander tells you it was an easy out and back – it’s not so much. But we enjoyed a lot of great scenery and my camera about exploded. 

Spectacular views - natural colors

TWW Stop sign girlAfter our adventurous hike we headed to Kilt Rock and Mealt Fall Viewpoint this super cool basically photo op of the coastline and rocks that look like a kilt was uber cool and unbelievable. After about an hour the busses started to arrive with non-hikers and LOTs of tourists,  we decided it was time to move on.

Kilt Rock.jpg

TWW - snail

Next we headed to Roskill to the Stein Inn (the oldest inn on Skye) for some lunch. Thanks again, John and Jackie! We had a great lunch with their sandwiches and beer, after our hike and site-seeing we were more than ready for anything!! 

BTW, if you try these bacon fries, there’s no turning back… just sayin’!

Bacon Fries

 ~ Other stops along the way ~ 

These are just a few highlights of our adventures on the island. Visiting the beautiful Isle of Skye has been a dream come true for me. My only regret is the length of time it takes to get me back there. Among the rocks and hills, winds and valleys, furry cows, and open meadows. I can’t wait to go back!

Sunsets on Skye

It’s always an adventure when you ©Travel with Wendy!


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