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The spas of Germany – the swimming pool experience is taken to the next level in Germany, especially around Stuttgart. So, grab a suit and a towel, let’s get ready for a swim because you’ll want to know before you go! Without a doubt, I have been enjoying the Schwimmbads or Swimming pools and spas for the past four years around Stuttgart. Consequently, all “swimming pools” are not alike – each one has its own flair, style, and services they offer. Rest assured the Romans knew it too, that is why in Baden-Württemberg if the town begins with the name, Bad (Bath) (they found healing spring waters in the town and made spas destination or hospital area.) For this reason, you’ll still find spa tourism alive and well. Here are my blog and review of my “Bad” (bath) experiences or swimming pools around Stuttgart.

  1. Baden-Baden

So many bubbling waters they decided to name it twice, kind of like New York, N.Y. I love the baths of Baden-Baden. Every month, I bring a group here for a DAY TRIP. We visit the Caracalla spa on the edge of town near the Neuer Castle (New Castle) and Frederichsbad. 

Baden-Baden - Swimming Carcalla spa
  • Here is what need to know ~
    • The main level is CLOTHED – YES, you’ll need your bathing suit for swimming and anything else you like to take to a public pool, like toiletries for the shower afterward. 
    • The upper level is  Sans Kleidung (no clothes)... this is where the DRY SAUNAS are so… unless you want an eye full or just the traditional experience you’ll only pay for the pools.
    • On the pool MAIN level, you can enjoy several heated pools between 90 to 100 degrees. There are suggestions in English as to how long you should stay for optimum health benefits.
    • 2 hours is €16, 3 hours is €19 – be sure to leave time to change back into your street clothes
    • After you’ve paid for your ticket entrance you’ll follow directions for a changing area that will lead you to the pools
      • TAKE A SHOWER before you enter the pool area – just a rinse off but a complete no-no to “skip it” so please don’t
      • Leave your towel in a cubby or you can find baskets to bring around to tote to your resting area
    • Lots more to explore here, if you are seriously nervous about trying it out, try it on a weekend it is busier and you won’t run into anyone you know.
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2. Bad Wildbad – Palais Therme Spa

I LOVE the town of Bad Wildbad. It is an unsung gem in the heart of the Black Forest. Still a little untouched by the hustle and bustle of other towns in the Schwarzwald, it’s also host to another day trip, the Blueberry Hut Hike, also a hugely popular trip – be on the lookout every month this fall. More about the spa ~ The Palais Therme (or Palace Bath) is one of the prettiest spas I have been in, in all of Germany. Designed in Romanesque Artisan design the separate baths are stunning. 

Here is what you need to know ~  

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 The Palais Therme is “Sans Kleidung” (NO CLOTHING)

  • In the traditional Roman bath style, you will travel from the rooms (pool) to the pool with differing temperatures. You may travel around the spa with a towel wrap or bathrobe from station to station, however, when you are in the dry saunas or pools you must dis-robe. 
  • You can also book several different spa treatments while you are there. This might be a romantic getaway for two. I doubt very highly you would “bump” into someone you knew. 
  • They are constantly having special events like “BEST FRIENDS” weekend and Couples events be sure to check their website for more EVENTs and details.
  • The top floor pool and sauna area are spectacular, they look out over the Black Forest with views that are unforgettable. 
  • DON’T forget the bottom floor – which is where all the palace design was built and is really beautiful and ornate.
  • €19.50/3 hours includes all the saunas and floors which goes on and on, each additional hour is €2/hour or a Day Ticket is €26!

3. Badparadeis ~ Lake Titisee

This massive spa resort and has several swimming pools. The resort is located in Lake Titisee and has totally intrigued me. It is ABSOLUTELY the MOST family-friendly spa in our area with swimming pools for every age. It is only an hour and 30 minutes drive from Stuttgart in some of the most beautiful woods of the Black Forest and if you make it overnight you could also visit the “lake” as well. Badparadeis would be a GREAT weekend getaway if your time is short or you find out you have a 3-day up ahead with no plans ~

Bad Paradeis - Swimming around Stuttgart
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Here’s what you need to know ~

  • The daily ticket will vary depending on how “many” pools you decide to visit!
  • I just visited the “Palm Oasis” because it was “suppose to be” adults only! However, it was not, children 3 and under are allowed in this area and children of all ages were allowed to wander from Galaxy (Slides and pool area) to the Palm Oasis on the day were there. We were REALLY hoping for a restful day… not so much. 
  • Palm Oasis ticket is €20 +€6 (not sure if that was a summer fee) normally I believe it is just €20
  • Very nice facility and well designed – GO IN THE OFF-SEASON! 
  • They also have “Ladie’s Nights” which would be super cool, beginning at 6 p.m. and a bottle of wine
  • The swim-up bar is fantastic and had a Caribbean beach feel. Drinks ranged between €6.50 to €8.50
  • Lunch was spectacular – we had a beautifully designed salad, definitely a trained chef and you could also order healthy heated options like fresh pasta and meat and vegetable options
  • Pictures were not allowed to be taken inside although we saw quite a few sneaking them
  • There was also the Palais Vital – which was the “no clothing” spa and included spa treatments like massages and scrubs. Additionally, the GALAXY Pools where all the water slides and sports areas for children were and easily accessible from one pool to the next.
  • Weekends are super crowded
  • Parking on the property for €5 or FREE with your ENTRANCE TICKET, be sure to tell them on your way out for VALIDATION

4. Mineraltherme Böblingen

Mineraltherme Böblingen

This close-by mineral bath is a whole lot of fun and so incredibly close. My first visit here REALLY introduced me to the BATH scene in Germany, in our first two weeks of arrival. Not quite understanding about the sans kleidung (without clothing) or with clothing we had a minor incident heading downstairs (which by the way is WITHOUT clothing. HA! BUT there is so much that this thermal bath offers sometimes it is hard to leave town. Excellent pools and saunas, a great restaurant (serving healthy food options) and great hours. I love the ambiance of the Böblingen Thermebad – it’s light when it needs to be light and dark for resting in other areas. PLUS, they seem to keep adding more and more to their services. On my last visit, they introduced a “resting” area with palm trees and lounge chairs. 

Here’s what you need to know ~ 

  • A daily pass is totally affordable a whole day is €23 and includes the saunas and pools!
  • Children are allowed in the pools (just know weekends might be super busy)
  • Lots of different opportunities massages, saunas, sea salt rooms, lots
  • You may run into someone you know because well… we are here in Stuttgart!

Green girl!5. Sindelfingen Swimming Pool – Badzentrum Sindelfingen

This close-by full-service swimming complex is decked out with as much water fun as you can muster up! Yea, I know it gets super busy during the summer months BUT it is really a GREAT facility located within driving distance here in Stuttgart and you can make it home for dinner. Tons of opportunities to swim, go to a spa and affordable – the Sindelfingen Badezentrum absolutely had to make my list. For more information check out my full blog HERE.

Sindelfingen Swimming pool

Whether you decide to take a dip in a BIG pool (Schwimmbad, Freibad or Hallenbad) or maybe have a relaxing day at a therme bad I hope you embrace the way Germany enjoys their bubbling springs. It’s been a blast to research for you. I mean who wouldn’t enjoy a spa day once a month. You can join me on a DAY TRIP or maybe grab a few friends or your spouse and relax in the healing waters around Stuttgart.

It’s always an adventure when you

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