Christmas Markets around Stuttgart

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Tis the season ~ Christmas market season that is ~ AND I am so excited! German Christmas markets do not get old, well at least not to me. You might think, really? Aren’t they all the same… I would say a resounding, NO!  I’ve lost count as to how many markets and festivals I’ve actually attended in the past four years but it has been a LOT. So naturally, I love to help and created an easy E-Book with tons of information. My Stuttgart Christmas E-book is available and ready for you anytime right here! I also put together a video describing all of my local favorites with more travel tips!

Christmas star - Stuttgart

In my E-book I help with which ones to visit, when, where to park, what to look for, what to shop for and more~ it is easily downloadable to your phone – remember to click the link in your e-receipt. The link is only good for 24 hours! 


If you are new to the Stuttgart area you might think just visiting the Stuttgart Christmas market might be a great place to start and you would be RIGHT! One of my favorites and easy to get to by train.

  • Take the S1 to Hauptbahnhof and walk to the Schlossplatz if you’d like to walk the longest outdoor mall in Europe ~ Königstrasse or take the train to Stadtmitte and walk to Marktplatz – either way, you’ll discover two really big MARKETS that will thrill you this season.

Stuttgart Weihnacht at night

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Need more holiday inspiration for Christmas Markets around Germany – check out my BLOG on the Mosel Wine Cave Christmas Market and French Christmas Markets in the Alsace!


Market Tips ~ 

  • If possible avoid weekends these are usually quite packed, if this is your only choice, go early in the morning, right when it opens up!
  • DRESS WARM and with comfortable shoes
  • Carry smaller bills, nothing over a 50€, and try not to carry more than €200 on your person at any given time, especially in the bigger cities
  • Have smaller EU coins available too
  • Take your passport with you if you are traveling over borders
  • Restrooms are generally located on the square somewhere but are most often porta-pottys. Restaurants typically don’t mind, but during this season will ask for a €.50 donation

It’s always an adventure when you ©Travel with Wendy! 


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