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weekend getaways around Europe
Walking around Badenweiler

Who doesn’t need a weekend get-away from time to time, right? Even a travel blogger needs to unplug every now and then. Here are a few weekend getaways that have become some of my favorite hideaways from the world. Destinations that are still under the radar but definitely a great respite for a weekend of rest. 

Burg Baden

Here are a few of my top weekend getaways around Germany!

1) Badenweiler in the Black Forest

This past weekend I found another one in Badenweiler, Germany. This super quiet, small town on the edge of France and Switzerland is a perfect little getaway that is not only affordable, has castle ruins, natural beauty, and a world-class spa to boot. 

Badenweiler Welcome Center

Romantic restaurants dot the main street and church bells sound every morning at 7 a.m. telling you it is time to get up and explore. 

our digs

Be sure to stay at the Balance Hotel Badenweiler and tell Maria I sent you. This unbelievable beautiful spa hotel had rooms with balconies overlooking the valley town below. We were within walking distance from the Schlosspark, castle ruins, Roman bath ruins, and the famous Cassiopeia Therme. Yea, I did that on purpose. I like to park it and walk everywhere.

Cassipeia Therme - Badenweiler

Maria’s hospitality and warm smile were a welcome sight. She lived in California for some time and is quite familiar with American customer service too. Our breakfast was incredible and if you left hungry well, it wasn’t because there wasn’t enough food. 

Good Eats

She gave us restaurant recommendations too. We loved The Hotel Post for dinner. Their menu included regional specialties including plenty of fish from local sources. I would definitely make reservations as this is a local and tourist favorite! 

2) Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

This spa town dates back to before the Roman Empire and was a huge destination during the Hapsburg dynasty. The healing waters of Karlovy Vary keep me coming back for some chill time.

Daily Boutique Deals
our digs

This is my favorite place to stay in Karlovy Vary ~ and I have been a few times. Whether you decide to just walk to streets and sip the fountain waters or sign up for a spa, eat a gourmet meal or take the funicular up the mountain to the Diana you will fall in love with this Czech Republic town.

Streets of Karlovy Vary

You can read more here in my BLOG on Karlovy Vary!

3) Antwerp, Belgium

MAS Museum of Antwerp

We tried to make our way to Belgium for a romantic get-away weekend and it turned out to be a little wine run for Jon. A totally unsuspected love affair with Antwerp, Belgium began for me. I really love this town. I am kind of partial to water towns, having lived in Providence, Rhode Island and growing up along the St. Lawrence Seaway. They all seem so familiar to me. 

Sleepy time on the streets of Antwerp

Antwerp is filled with lots to do and see, whether it is in the art district or historical sites.

Good Eats

It also has great eats and beer. Check out this BLOG on Antwerp to find out great eats and deets.

4) Leipzig, Germany

Market Square - Leipzig

Leipzig was a surprising German town is famous for all things BACH AND the beginning of the end of the Berlin Wall. This town may be a college town today but it is also a really, really fun city to tour and learn more about. We discovered this thanks to a BLINDBOOKING tour with Eurowings.

The flight was super quick, of course, it was, an easy up and down. We arrived at this little airport and the train was on the lower level. It took us straight to town. This was awesome since we really didn’t want to rent a car for the weekend, and it turned out we totally didn’t need to either.

This was one of our first AirBnB sweet, suite experiences. I would definitely recommend a visit here. Thomas and his crew were unbelievably friendly and helpful with what to do, where to go, and where to eat.

Wonderful AirBnb

Whether you are one person, two or more you will absolutely need to make RESERVATIONS in Leipzig. I have a complete BLOG on this destination too. The cool thing about Leipzig too is you are so close to Berlin and could add on a day trip there for not much Euro. 

5) Cologne, Germany

Last November, Jon and I had the best time in Cologne, Germany. My husband loves comedians. I’m not sure why so much, I think I am entertainment to keep him laughing forever. When I found out Jim Gaffigan (thanks, Elizabeth) would be in Cologne we bought some FAST ICE train tickets to this famous German town for the weekend.

Fall colors in Cologne

We stayed at the Marriott in Cologne because we are members and Jon really likes hotel stays too. A romantic weekend away with a touch of America. Compromise.

Our train ride was uneventful and actually filled with incredible scenery along the Rhein River. I loved snapping shots and videos of our moving train and the changing fall colors.

The BIG TRAVEL TIP takeaway is when you are booking your tickets, RESERVE your seats. Pay the extra money. I did not realize you needed to do this, so our first leg of the trip, the only standing room available on this FAST train was in front of the bathrooms. BLAH! 

To find out our itinerary and details – Click HERE!

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6) Champagne – Ardenne, France

Champagne – Ardenne is incredibly gorgeous and filled with so much to see, you will think come on Wendy, I need longer than a weekend. You would be right, this will at least introduce you to a place that will capture your heart and bring you back maybe for a longer stay.

Town Hall - Ervy Le Chatel

You may also decide to visit Nancy or Dijon not a far drive from Germany as well. However, the petite cities of France, the people, the cuisine and wine culture, and the peacefulness of the country are where I like to lay my head. Plus, the weekly markets are so super cool around the region and host different local artisans you don’t see everywhere.

This weekend getaway will be a relaxing weekend. The drive is easy and the tolls were not too expensive, under €20. Enjoy pastoral, peasant France.

7) Faschina, Austria

Gray skies in Austria - but still beautiful

Austria for the weekend, yes! Untapped, natural beauty is just a weekend away. This part of Europe is naturally just breathtaking. Of course, I am kicking myself that I didn’t discover this gem earlier. If you love nature and the outdoors there is plenty for you to do, in any season. Europe’s new surge of hiking and skiing adventures have led to many, many mountain resorts taking advantage of all the seasons. What use to be a one-season holiday excursion is now year-round.

Recently my trip to Austria was so successful I hope to explore it further on a future trip. The hiking was superb, filled with waterfalls, scenery, great food, and fun parks. Even the gondola ride in the rain was a trip!

If you are traveling by car in the winter make sure you have winter tires. From October 15 – April 15 in Europe they are required to be on your vehicle. Whether you are renting or own your car, in some areas of the Alps depending on your car/van you’ll need chains too. Check before you go.


These are just a few weekend getaway ideas and inspiration. What are a few you would like to share?

Either way, I hope you have incredible adventures as you travel the world!

It’s always an adventure when you ©Travel with Wendy!

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