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Last month on my visit to St.Croix, USVI, my friend, Candy also introduced me to Amy DeSorbo. Amy is the Director of The Botanical Garden of the Virgin Islands at St. George Village. Amy is a force of nature and I tell ya she loves this garden! Candy volunteers at the garden and she knows all about my love for all things nature. She also knew I would love a tour. It just so happened while I was there, it was their monthly plant sale with vendors and story time too. Of course, after a hot second, I knew I would become friends with Amy, we both might like to talk a little bit.

Amy gave us an exclusive tour of the garden and so much information, about its history, mission, and vision. Here’s a destination you will want to add to your itinerary when you visit St. Croix.

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History of the Garden

According to the website Botanical Gardens Conservation International this 16-acre garden has 18th and 19th-century buildings and ruins that cover the grounds remnants left from a sugar cane plantation. This site also was an Amerindian settlement that dates back to 100 A.D.

CareTakers House

As you walk the grounds you also notice a Blacksmith shop and an old kitchen and stone foundations that speak of yesteryear. The island’s history from these sugar plantations is really incredible and the stories are told throughout the island.

On Plant Sale day, I also explored the grounds familiarizing myself with its beauty and history. An absolutely peaceful and serene setting with wild birds and palm and coconut trees swaying with the breeze.

This is a Coconut Palm

Everywhere I turned it was a magnificent array of color and smells. I think I picked the most perfect time to visit because it was all coming together.


Plant Sale

Every month, the Botanical Gardens hosts a Plant Sale and they also have Story Time as well! At the plant sale, I was able to meet a few of the volunteers as well as some of the vendors that were there. I was so happy to meet Laura Forbes, a small business creative artist of DaLaurJo jewelry and gifts. Her designs were incredible and I grabbed a key keeper too. You’ll have to check out her website to see these life-saver gem designs.

Meetin Laura at USVI Botanical Gardens
Meet Laura of
Story Time

Wouldn’t this be a great idea to join the garden for a Story Time if you are visiting for the week with family. You could explore the old sugar plantation ruins and old OverSeers house, Butterfly garden, historical museum and shell museum. Kiddos would so enjoy a visit here!

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Visiting the Garden

The biggest challenge you will have when visiting the garden is trying to see it all in one day. If you truly take your time and then pause in the many, many spaces that are serene and peaceful, you get could spend hours just chillin’

Whether you begin near the old Manager’s house

or make your way to the ruins and the Blacksmiths Shop – you are sure to get lost in the beauty and history

One of the most iconic and memorable places you will want to visit is the red bridge. Set with a backdrop of tropical fauna and trees that cascade the bridge, I see many brides and families who would want to take this stunning keepsake.

One of my favorite places to stop and explore was the tropical fruit garden filled with bananas, mangos, and fruit I’ve never even heard about!

Yea, I got know idea! πŸ€”

Whether you visit for a day or for the plant sale, event, or storytime, you will discover that this island gem is certainly a treasure. Take the whole family OR if you want some peace and quiet, check out their Yoga at the Garden underneath the Flamboyant tree! They’ve got that going on too!

Become a MEMBER

If you would like to support the garden, there are many ways to do that! You can become a MEMBER, WHICH I would definitely recommend because their GARDEN MEMBERSHIP is Reciprocal! YES, if you become a member at the St.George’s Botanical Garden you can use your membership at MANY, MANY gardens across the U.S.


With over 340 gardens across the States, for $50 per family membership you will definitely want to do this!

The Botanical Gardens of the US Virgin Islands – was such a bonus treat. I really want to thank Amy DeSorbo, Director of the Garden, and of course, my friend sweet Candy Brown who has made falling in love with this island so simple and easy!

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  1. This just reminds me how much I miss the Virgin Islands. These gardens are beautiful and I’m surprised you don’t see them talked about more as a must see while in VI. I am so looking forward to my next visit.

    1. Oh, I am so jealous, have the best time! Tell them you saw it here, they would love that!

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