Summer 2021 – Golf in Myrtle Beach

This summer, we played some golf in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. My family has been visiting Myrtle Beach for over 30 years! My husband, Jon, loves playing golf. If you haven’t read my recent blog or seen the vlog on golfing in St. Croix, check them out! We had a great time there too.

Myrtle Beach has so much to offer for family travel, young and old alike. If you are beach lovers, they for sure have you covered. Boating, water sports, absolutely! We have had a Marriott Timeshare there since the early 2000s and although we haven’t been able to go every year because of our Army life, when we are stateside, we try to take advantage of our investment.

If you are unfamiliar with Myrtle Beach golf, let me share just a little bit of what I know. There are ninety golf courses in Myrtle. There are eighty in the Grand Strand alone. The Grand Strand is an arc of beach land on the Atlantic Ocean in South Carolina, United States, extending more than 60 miles from Little River to Winyah Bay. It was first called this in 1945 by a local newspaper columnist, who created the name for this 60-mile stretch of coastline running from Georgetown in the south to Little River in the north.

Here are a few courses that we discovered this summer in South Carolina. Our friends Betsy and Dave joined us too, making it a great day and a perfect foursome. Both of these golf courses are very close to one another.

There are a few golf courses in Myrtle Beach were you can play a single or double, it just may be a bit more challenging.

Man o’ War Golf Club

Considered to be one of the prettiest courses in Myrtle Beach, Man o’War has water on almost every hole. I found it unbelievably fun to photograph. The day we hit the course, it was overcast, so the heat was not so intense.

Our tee time was early in the morning and I’m super thankful because even in June it gets hot by noon. When we arrived, the caddies were right there waiting for us, with disinfected golf carts, scorecards, and loaded our clubs, once we checked in at the Pro Shop, we were ready to go.

Jon’s TIP

Well – maintained extensive championship course worth playing, affordable course to play.

Outstanding FEATURE of this golf course is the 9th HOLE! It’s an island hole and super fun to play! I really enjoyed playing this golf course AND I’m a newbie. I’ve played for years with JP but not consistently. This year, I’ve been able to get out on the course a bit more, so I was not a thorough disappointment this summer at the beach!

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The Wizard Golf Club

Welcome to The Wizard

I really enjoyed playing The Wizard. You can check out my review on Google Reviews HERE! We had a nice weather day so my pictures are a bit brighter, like my attitude too. The fame of this golf course design is its change in elevations, it is after all in a geographically flat region of the wetlands in South Carolina. The fact that it has rolling hills made me feel like we were back in Alabama on the Hampton Cove RTJ course. We are located at the foot of the Appalachians, so a hilly course is expected.

We all had fun playing the course and scored pretty well too. It is a links style golf course, some of the design may make you think of Scotland.

Jon’s TIP:

This course also has an island hole as well and was designed by the same course designer, Dan Maples. The course has a links feel to it.

The only bummer we had all day on this course, is there were no bathrooms open (might have been because of COVID) along the course. Two cups of coffee and two waters to stay hydrated, thankfully, we found a males bathroom open, we broke the rules and went anyway!

How much does it cost to golf in Myrtle Beach?

Because of the always changing season, tee times and ugh…COVID you should call for current prices for these two courses or arrange through your hotel or resort. I recommend using a concierge service unless you book for yourself way in advance.

If you book in advance go through the golf course directly with email confirmation and reservation.

  • To book tee times for Man o’War Golf Club –  click here
  • To book tee times for The Wizard Golf Club – click here

When should we play golf in Myrtle Beach?

So when should you go to Myrtle Beach to play golf. The BEST season to golf in South Carolina is the fall. However, it is also the most expensive. From June to August, you can enjoy cheaper greens fees and rounds of golf. On the other hand, room reservations at hotels and resorts are high because of the beach, so it is a toss-up. In the fall, both are competitively priced because the area has figured that all out.

Most golfers don’t spend too much time on the beach in the fall.

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Planning a Myrtle Beach group golf trip is easy to do. There are services available to help you coordinate everything from

  • Accommodations
  • Transportation
  • Tee Times

Because we were staying at the Marriott, they were able to book our tee times AND they included our lunch too. Most of the courses coordinate your tee time to stop in the shop/café to grab lunch “at the turn.”

Picking up lunch at Man o’War at the turn

Each day we had a choice of sandwiches or hot dog, chips and a drink. Beer was extra. But you could grab and go or in our case, we did have to wait for the groups in front a little bit, so this gave us time to eat lunch without getting indigestion.

If you are looking for “staycation” ideas, I hope you are finding some here in my blog or vlog or podcast! Maybe you’d like to plan a trip across the pond to play some golf, I can help with that too. Need some travel planning help – shoot me an email! I am travel consultant too!

Great day of golf with friends!
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