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Today I will be sharing my Vegan/Vegetarian experience across America from my road trip this past year. Relatively new to the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle, I began my journey in 2019 when we returned from Germany.

I was not feeling great on my new American diet so I talked with a doctor and made a few changes. I began eliminating foods that I noticed a sensitivity to like dairy and wheat. Ultimately, I found out I felt the best when I ate meatless or less of it. 

After a few years of being Vegan/Vegetarian, I can share that my journey hasn’t been that hard. I don’t miss it, meat that is. Sure, I know there are people out there who are probably skeptical and say, “Just a little bit?” Well, maybe occasionally bacon if I’m honest. I figured out, I just wanted to feel better, so it’s worth a try, right? 

Additionally on my road trip adventure last summer, I wanted to challenge myself to see how easy or hard it would be to find Vegan/Vegetarian options around America. Here’s a dozen eateries with fantastic choices! I hope you enjoy, mange, mange.

My first stop was Seedz in St. Louis, Missouri. It was a horribly rainy day so no sightseeing in the Gateway city. So I decided to make my way to my cousin’s house in Jefferson City. On my way out of town, I researched where to eat. I began with GoogleMaps and searching Vegan Restaurants around me. 

 Vegan option#1 – Seedz

Seedz is an ALL VEGAN restaurant in the Wydown Skinker area of St. Louis near Washington University. They have a fantastic menu, outdoor seating, and an easy ordering process. 

I ordered the Pad Thai and it was so delicious. The portions were huge and plenty for me to save for a little bit for later on. 

Pad Thai and Tea

Along the midwest portion of my cross-country road trip adventure, my next stop was Kansas City. I also used GoogleMaps to help me find

Vegan option#2 – Cafe Gratitude

This glorious restaurant has a community minded mission and is located in the Crossroads area of Kansas City. They use local farmers, sustainable agriculture and are 100% VEGAN! Even their TO-Go ware is biodegradable. 

Their menu is a work of encouragement and support. From dishes like I AM GRATEFUL Community Bowl. Made with kale, brown rice, black beans and garlic-tahini sauce. This bowl allows individuals to make a donation to contribute to someone in need. 

I ordered the I AM HUMBLE Indian Curry Bowl. This was Indian-spiced lentils, brown rice, a bit of spinach and roasted sweet potato, with coconut mint chutney and sweet tamarind sauce. So delicious. 


My friend Heather who I was visiting in Kansas City had the I AM FULFILLED Mac n’ Cheese with loaded options. This is made Gluten-free rice noodles in a creamy blend of delicious cashew and Brazil nut cheeses. Load it up with your favorite additions such as wilted spinach, marinated mushrooms, caramelized onions, extra cheese, coconut “bacon”, and more. Yum.

Really beautiful colors and tasty. There were so many choices, I can’t wait to go back and try more!

Another midwest adventure was in Lincoln, Nebraska. In the middle of America’s heartland was this fun, college town eatery. I found them with the Happy Cow App

There is a small fee for this app, but I find it super helpful. This community is on the look-out for more options and availability is updating all the time. 

Vegan option #3 – Rutabaga’s Comfort Food
Mushroom Reuben and Tater Tots

Every week the menu changes! I love this! Fresh food made during the season. The menu while I was visiting this summer was super fun. You can also find the menu on their Facebook page.

I enjoyed a Reuben (Made with mushrooms) and tater tots with raspberry tea. Within walking distance of the college, the beautiful state capital and parking close by. Lincoln was a fun city to visit for sure.


I spoke with the owner of Rutabaga’s recently and they are offering pop-up and event catering at this time. COVID has been tough on this industry. If you are in the area please show some support.

Vegan & Vegetarian #4 – Mad Greens

The menu is massive.  Salads, bowls, wraps, soups and sides makes it difficult to choose.

I created my own bowl. This option was GREAT! With so many options to choose from I added all things bright and beautiful. I also ordered a tea to accompany my lunch. 

They have over a dozen kinds of dressings to choose from. They also have Texas Caviar, several types of Hummus and Pita Bread, and pasta salad. 

Mad Greens has locations in Colorado (at least 10) Arizona and Texas. You can download the menu, pre-order for pick-up and they also offer catering. The assembly line presentation reminded me of Nothin’ but Noodles, but you could order specific salads too like the Vibrant Venus or the Siam I Am

Also in Colorado, in the small town of Minturn is this fantastic little restaurant.

Vegan/Vegetarian Options #5 – Sunrise Moonrise Minturn

I was blessed to eat here a few times over the next few months. First, I tried The Avocado Toast which was so delicious. Then I tried Lou’s Scramble. The scramble included onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, avocado and hash browns. YUM!

A favorite of my friend Sal, she humored me by visiting more than once while I there. As you can see the menu is GREAT! They do have non-vegan/vegetarian options as well. I found this to be the case in many parts of Colorado. More restaurants had choices for a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle.

Vegan/Vegetarian Options#6 – Pho Bay

This Vietnamese Restaurant located in Avon has several options that are vegan and vegetarian. We enjoyed vegetable spring rolls and Crispy Salt & Pepper Tofu. They offer several vegetarian options as well.

The dining hall is very large and can accommodate large parties and family. Not too far from the ski area in Vail.

Another fun healthy stop was in Colorado Springs.

Vegan/Vegetarian Options #7 – Urban Egg

This luscious restaurant also has a tagline “a daytime eatery.” We met my friend Stephanie here for a bite before hitting the road to New Mexico and really enjoyed the menu, atmosphere, great service and colorful menu. It is a perfect Brunch place too.

The options are endlessly eggs in every way. Famous for their Benedicts and Breakfast Tacos we tried a few here. 

The Tuscan Benedict, the Breakfast Tacos and The Blue Corn Huevos Rancheros. Definitly filling enough to get us back on the road and have happy tummy’s. 

My journey continued through the southwest stopping near Santa Fe next and visiting the town of Taos.

Taos is an outdoor recreation heaven in New Mexico, hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter. Also an art mecca for Native American art is draws visitors every year for its unique tourism.

If you’ve read my blog on Santa Fe or seen the vlog then you know a little bit already about this particular eatery. For those that missed it. Here’s a recap.

Vegan/Vegetarian Options #8 – The Burger Stand – Taos 

This burger and beer restaurant is located in Taos and Santa Fe. It just happened to be on our drive from Colorado. They also boast vegetarian options so I enjoyed a super spicy shitake burger with Habanero Cheese. It was delicious and mouth and eye watering. 

The parmesan truffle fries and sweet potato fries made a great addition too. The prices were normal for the area between $9 and $12 and the sides were $3 each. 

The restaurant is a very casual vibe, with cool local art, murals and great beer selection too. Right on Route 64 in the heart of Taos, you can’t miss it. 

Another favorite on our cross-country adventure was in Oklahoma.

Vegetarian Options #9 – Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies 

The Pie shop began in 1954 in the small Oklahoma town of Springer. We visited the Davis, Oklahoma store and were in for a surprise. Arbuckle Pies have a menu that include savory and sweet and the choices are amazing. So we had to try several. 

So I tried the Spinach, Mushroom and Potato and the Peach Pie! Both were equally delicious. They also offered cream pies and no sugar added options as well.

The assembly production line for the fried pies is also a show to watch as well. We arrived on a Saturday and it was super busy.

They have stores in Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas

Continuing our journey through America’s South Midwest we made a stop in Arkansas. Thankfully, we found another great hidden treasure.

Vegan/Vegetarian Options #10 – The Low Gap Cafe – Arkansas
Low Gap Cafe

The slogan for Low Gap is down-home joint for classic comfort fare. I would have to agree, all diets could be happy here. Whether you are a carnivore or plant eater, the Low Gap had exceptional menu options. 

Low Gap Cafe is located on Route 74 on the way to Jasper, Arkansas and the Buffalo National River Wilderness.

I enjoyed some pasta primavera which was fresh and excellent. The vegetables were sauteed in a light white wine and butter sauce. The service was fast, courteous and friendly. Definitely a keeper for those hiking in this region. 

Of course, we had times when we needed to stop along the road to catch a bite. Here’s a chain that I absolutely love because it tastes fresh and you can make several of the dishes vegan.

Vegan/Vegetarian Options #11 – Taziki’s Medittereanean Cafe

Researching this restaurant is quite easy because of the franchise. This is easy enough as they list their locations on the website or you can search GoogleMaps again. I visit my local shop in Huntsville, Alabama quite a bit, so I know the menu already. If you have vegan fast food restaurants or options, share in the comments and let me know!

One of my favorites to order on the go here is the grilled vegetables and rice. Protein and veggies, how can you go wrong. Melissa ordered the wrap and pasta salad. You can make the pasta salad vegan by eliminating the feta cheese. 

Several items are their menu now are labeled Vegan or Vegetarian. I’m always happy to see chain stores come on board. 

Vegan/Vegetarian Options #12 – The Peabody Hotel – Memphis

Our final stop was in Memphis, Tennessee, I really wanted to eat at the famous Peabody Hotel. On my last trip to Memphis, I visited several BBQ joints for my hubby but that made it challenging to find healthy options for my diet. Capriccio Grill at the Peabody had many menu options for everyone.

We enjoyed some Caprese for an appetizer, Mushroom Ravioli and Tortellini. They also have Beyond Burgers, Vegetarian pizza options, Focaccia Bruschetta and more.

So what do you think of these options. I gave you twelve of my different favs on this cross-country road trip adventure? 

Have you struggled finding Vegan/Vegetarian options while traveling? If so, do you use an app to help? Do you think more American restaurants are coming on-board with more options for us.

For more information on my ROAD TRIP adventure – check out my BLOG!

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Thanks for being here today! See you next week as I share Best Eats in Myrtle Beach!

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