Bad Waldsee, Germany

Bad Waldsee is an Upper Swabian town in Germany not far from Stuttgart. Bad Waldsee is very close to the Bodensee or Lake Konstanz. Ravensburg and Bavaria are within easy driving distance too making it a great weekend getaway or a wonderful addition to a traveling German itinerary.

We had glorious weather for our visit to this german town. A great day for hiking and watched boat races, enjoyed wonderful cuisine and relaxed at another thermal spa. Read on for our full itinerary.

History of Bad Waldsee

Bad Waldsee was first named as a town in 926 and eventually became a township in 1298. It survived a plunder by the Hungarians and a time in the Prussian Habsburg House. In 1806 it became part of the Kingdom of Württemberg.

Historical Rathaus(Town Hall)

In 1950 during the war reconstruction, the town introduced its first mud bath or “Moorheilbad” believing mud had therapeutic properties. Being so close to Ravensburg and under an hour from the Bodensee, many Europeans find this historical german town a great holiday away from home.

Waldsee Stroll & Around Town

Strolling around the lake is definitely a highlight when visiting Bad Waldsee. The lake way or (Seeweg) skirts the Stadtsee (City Lake) and also has a playground for children, a labyrinth, oversized lounge chairs, mini-golf, ice cream stands and beautiful views from every direction. It is a peaceful and relaxing stroll.

We followed the trail to the other side of the lake along the (Uferweg) and found restaurants with patio seating, boat rentals, coffee shops and more playgrounds. This is definitely a family-friendly german town. Take any “gasse” or alley from Uferweg towards the Old Town district and you can admire all of the Baroque architecture including St. Peters Cathedral, the Alten- und Pflegeheim Spital zum Heiligen Geist which is the (Church of the Holy Ghost) of Bad Waldsee, the Rathaus (town hall) and many, many more.

Touring around Bad Waldsee

We began our walking tour around town by following the Klosterhof street west on to take us to St. Peters Cathedral. This landmark is in the center of town and also has public restrooms. They were only open for certain hours due to COVID.

St. Peter’s Cathedral was first mentioned in 1100 as part of the Augustinian order or Canons (meaning living within the community and ruling) and remained in power until 1788. This building was believed to be built in 1479 during the Baroque era with the two angled towers that were unique in both frame and design.

Interior of St. Peters

The theme of the altar is the coronation of Mary and the two side altars are dedicated to Mary and Joseph. The ornate gilded design and decor are definitely from the early Renaissance period.

Another historical landmark is the Wurzachter Tor or Tower. This impressive tower on the east side of town was built around 1400. The city continued to grow during the 1200’s and was primarily an agricultural town. This gate tower in particular helped with approaching enemies, possible fires and collected tolls.

Wurzachter Tor

City Hall or Rathaus was originally built as a jail or a place of justice around 1426 by then Mayor Ulrich Kudrer. Later this was also the site of witch trials and 17 Waldsee women were found guilty and sentenced to death. By 1610 under Austrian rule the right to vote was created here and today, you can see Justitia representing the balance of justice as well as the coat of arms for Austria and Waldsee at City Hall.

If you are visiting Bad Waldsee for a day, I advise you to park at Parkplatz Bleiche this is a large parking lot and is open 24 hours.

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Hiking around Schloßee (Castle Lake)

On day two, Katy and I decided to hit a local hiking trail around the Schlossee or Castle lake. This smaller lake within city limits feeds into the the lake.

We began the trail at the Bad Waldsee castle. It is not open for visitors however as today it is home to state offices and businesses. The building is still beautiful to photograph and walk about the grounds.

The trails behind the castle lead to the Schlosspark. These trails were well marked although not as pristine as the Stadtsee and gave a different perspective of the town.

We had our hiking boots on and it was a gorgeous day in nature. This lake was much smaller and seemed to have more of an ecosystem and marine life.

The Bath of Bad Waldsee

One of the reasons we wanted to visit Bad Waldsee was the Waldsee-Therme. This was a very nice thermal bath. However, I would categorize this bath as more of a therapy bath rather than a romantic bath.

In all fairness, it probably has many more amenities and pools to enjoy but because of COVID, most pools were closed. They do boast for having the hottest thermal bath in Upper Swabia and they have many water therapy sports too for those in rehabilitation.

One of the coolest highlights is the pool that has underwater music. It’s transfixing. Katy and I didn’t want to leave, unfortunately it was also the busiest of the pools. The Bad Waldsee Therme also has saunas and massage services as well.

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Culinary Delights in Bad Waldsee

From coffee shops that line the lake to Weinstube’s (WineBeer Pubs) to some great restaurants we were delighted with Bad Waldsee’s gastronomy.

Café Zeit im Hecht

Located along the lake front Cafe Zeit is a perfect spot to grab a cup of coffee, afternoon cocktail or just take a break from touring.

Cafe Weinstube am Markt

The Market square in Bad Waldsee was hopping on Saturday morning with a full market. But I love markets in little german towns so after we toured around town we returned to the market square for a mid-afternoon refreshment.

Amadeus Burgers & Bar Lounge

The Amadeus Burgers & Bar Lounge is a deceiving place. Thanksfully, we made reservations because this place gets very, very busy!

With many kinds of burger and fry options you can see why it is a local special place as well.

Katy and I enjoyed our very tasty meal on the second floor which was a renovated old narrow house. The decor was modern and chic. The downstairs allows smoking so be sure to ask for non-smoking when you make the reservations. They also provide outside seating weather permitting.

De Capo Pizzeria

On our last night in Bad Waldsee, I wasted to try this Italian restaurant. We passed it the night before on our way back home and it smelled so good, I was hoping we could get a reservation. They were booked but she made a table for us right up front next to the wine shelf. It was so delicious and fresh. The service is excellent and fast.

Our weekend in Bad Waldsee was another success. This little German town is enchanting and a perfect weekend getaway stop or a stop along the way. Maybe you are heading to Switzerland, Austria or Bavaria. Bad Waldsee is a great idea!

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I hope you enjoyed this itinerary and that you are able to use some of these items in your travel planning around Germany too!

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  1. I’ve been to Germany a few times, but never to Bad Waldsee. I didn’t know there are so many amazing places to see and visit around it. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva

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