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I know I am treading on thin ground here, a good burger is definitely a personal preference. However, I thought it would be fun to talk about the “Burger Joints” around the Stuttgart area since this subject comes up quite a bit and is a little bit controversial. I absolutely love German cuisine, from Schnitzel, pommes to Black Forest cake. Yes, my waist line represents it too. Every once in a while however, I am just craving a juicy burger like I get in the States. 

So here is a little list of places I’ve researched with my friend Amy Clutter. How about you ~ do you have a favorite that we haven’t listed. Help spread the word ~ 

1. Triple B’s – downtown Stuttgart

Burgers at BBB
  • Address: Marienstraße 28, 70178 Stuttgart

REVIEW – Triple B’s is a fun little burger joint right downtown in Stuttgart in the busy area near Rotebühlstrasse. Although this is among a local favorite, I’m just partial to the toppings. However the service and prices are great! Burgers are between €7.90 – €10 and you have to order fries separately. It’s all pick up at the counter (drinks are in the cooler) next to the check-out, they will give you a number. I typically just have the Classic 200 gram with cheese.

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A couple notes – the cheese is more of a “melty spread” and the meat is typically grass-fed beef and not corn-fed so the fat content is lower. It’s also healthier. Their decor is fun and has a 50’s style. The location is perfect if you are downtown for an event. 

2. Jake’s Diner – Mohringen train stop

Jake's Bar & Diner - picture perfect!
Cheeseburger at Jake’s
  • Address: Filderbahnplatz 31, Stuttgart

REVIEW – Jake’s Diner & Bar is a nice little cafe-bar located perfectly at the Mohringen Train stop. If you live near here I bet this would be a local favorite. I ordered the Cheeseburger above. Burgers were anywhere from €11-€20 but it did include my fries! Our fries were wonderful, I think they are some of the best fries I’ve had yet in Stuttgart! Hot, fresh and right out of the fryer. The burgers at Jake’s are homemade but they still need some spices. The toppings were great, I LOVED that gouda was their “go-to” cheese. This Dutch cheese is tasty and adds flavor to your burger. Jon ordered the “Diners Favorite” burger, it came with a sour cream sauce that oozed all over the place but when paired with the beer (HefeWeizen) it was tasty. The appetizers were fun and we ordered some mozzarella sticks which reminded me of the kind we had at the roller skating rink as a kid. Not open on Sundays. 

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3. Kraft Paule ~ review by Amy Clutter

Pretty picture at KraftPaule - burgers and fries
  • Address: Poststraße 49, 71032 Böblingen

REVIEW – lovely place. Craft Beer and Burgers – that is all.  Been around since April – a larger location is downtown, only serving craft beer.  They have some games you can play – large jenga, checkers, etc… and that makes it fun for kids.  We were four adults, 2 kids and at the time, we all agreed it was the best burger we’d had in Stuttgart – (before German Classic Diner). It is executed well, the price is right (12.50 for burger, beer, and fries) and the service was outstanding.  They accommodated a ‘split’ burger for the kids with separate requests.  Highly recommend.  We all ordered the basic cheeseburger.

4. Hans im glück ~ review by Amy Clutter

Hans Glick Burger
  • Address:  Marienstraße 3B, 70178 Stuttgart

REVIEW: This was my least favorite – could have had to do with the fact that my kids and I had just finished ‘shoe shopping’ downtown and they were on my last nerve!  However, the service was the least friendly or helpful – and way overpriced.  I ordered the lunch special which included burger and side and non alcoholic drink – it is the price of burger + €5.50.  For the Avocado burger, I ordered I spent €13.40.  And it came with an Avocado Cream sauce that was glossed on the burger and so incredibly messy I could barely eat it.  The inside is decorated well but I would not come downtown to eat here.  There is an American menu – and the Classic burger is 6.90 and they sell sweet potato fries and have a decent salad selection, and a section of grilled chicken breast burgers, vegetarian burgers and vegan burgers.

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5. Sam Kullman’s Diner (Ludwigsburg) review by Amy Clutter

Burgers by Sam Kullman's
  • Address: Pflugfelder Strasse 22, Ludwigsburg, 
  • REVIEW – Happened upon this place in Ludwigsburg when looking for a lunch spot.  The place is HUGE, has a large menu to include Cheesy Fries, BLT Sandwich, BBQ ribs, and Dr. Pepper (although they were out that day).  So the menu is quite familiar with all the things we would expect from a ‘diner’. The burgers were ok.  I think everyone in our party would eat there again, but the restaurant was quite empty and the food just okay – the patties tasted like the kind you buy prepackaged at the grocery.  I can tell you that both KraftPaul and German Classic Diner’s burgers did NOT taste that way.  English Menu available.  I think I would go again to try some other things off the menu – to give it a second chance.  It was the kind of place that you really want to like.

When looking at their menu, turns out this looks like a chain as well and there are 5 locations in Germany.  Website www.kullmans.de 

6. German Classic Diner ~ review by Amy Clutter

German Classic Diner - All american burger
  • Address:  Bernhauser Haupstrasse 27, 70794 Filderstadt
  • Another location: Stuttgart Strasse 9, 72585 Riederich

Winner-Winner Chicken Dinner!

Seriously, this teeny little place in Filderstadt
~Superb service and clearly working the American angle~   

REVIEW – He has many burgers – including the Italian Classic (pic at bottom) that my friend got and it was divine!  But, the basic cheeseburger with bacon (his pickles are sliced thin) – spot on!  Also serves curly fries!  He has pulled pork, veggie burger, hot dogs, mozzarella sticks, chicken wings, all on the menu.  Other things but you get the gist.  He did have an English menu.  

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7. Burger House

BurgerHouse - Upclose and personal

One of my favorite places to stop is Burger House in Stuttgart – it is super close to the Stadtmitte metro and has lunch specials that won’t break anyone’s budget between €9-10 for burger, fries and coke. I know this is a burger blog but their BBQ Sandwich with coleslaw and sweet potato fries bring up memories and nostalgia that have me back in Alabama. Well, close enough! 

How about you? Don’t see your favorite listed here? – let us know about it ~ we’ll be happy to start another blog!

If you still can’t decide or need more ideas, check out this website STUTTGARTER BURGER he has an extensive list and Facebook page with ratings for the Stuttgart area too.

It’s always an adventure when you ©Travel with Wendy! 

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Burgers in Review - Stuttgart area

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