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One of my favorite DAY TRIPs is right here in downtown Stuttgart. Touring around Stuttgart whether you are a newcomer or call it home there’s always something happening! I will not be able to do this fine city justice in just one blog so here are just a few of my favorites. Maybe you’ll recognize a few of your favorites and maybe I’ll WOW you with what’s in your own backyard.

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Schlossplatz in Stuttgart

I know you’re saying but “Wendy, I just arrived and I want to see Paris, France,” right? Well, that is understandable too. BUT… the Eiffel tower is going under construction this fall. I am getting side-tracked, hold on. Before you head west this summer to parlez vous Francais check out what Stuttgart has to offer, right here.

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I can not believe it has been four years since we arrived in Stuttgart, Germany.  If you would have told me I would fall in love with this busy, active, cultural city then, I would have said you were nuts. Tons of traffic (I’ve learned the train) hard language (learned that too, still learning), different customs (soak that up.) Wanna see and experience downtown Stuttgart? Here you go… 

Schlossplatz in the spring


Königstraße (King’s Street) is one of the longest outdoor walking malls in all of Europe. It boasts hundreds of shops, from H&M to boutique store to everything in between. On any given day you will find street musicians, artists, shoppers and walkers taking advantage of this tree-lined promenade mercantile district. I always enjoy window shopping but typically get enticed to pop-in, even just for a bit.

Train Station (Hauptbahnhof)

I know you are like…”Wendy, this is a train station?” Yes, it is but it is super cool too. In the winter around Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas market season) they bring in trees from the Black Forest and decorate the halls filling the vast cathedral like ceilings with lush greenery and decor. 

Train station inside

There is also a FREE elevator right up to the top floor to the Mercedes Tower to see panoramic views of the city. Here you will be able to catch a glimpse of the new and the old of Stuttgart. 

Views from the top - Train station

From this view you’ll see the AlteSchloß (Old Castle) and the NeuerSchloß (New Castle) as well as modern business buildings with green rooftops who are trying to help with environmental energy issues. Super cool!

Sky Beach Bar

Another cool and hip place to be in the summer time is the Sky Beach. Also along the Königstraße and easy to get to, arrive earlier in the day to get a chaise-lounge.

Markets and Market Halle

Every Thursday and Saturday in Stuttgart in the Schillerplatz you’ll find the flower and vegetable market. Need to know where one is around you in Stuttgart – here you GO!

Every SATURDAY there is a Flea Market in Karlsplatz. I typically will grab a bite to eat at Gran Planie right on the corner as their breakfasts and cakes are delicious.

Just on the other side of Karlsplatz is the MarktHalle. Don’t be like me and live here for 3 years before you know it exists. This place is super cool and dates back to the 1100 and has served as a market since then. It is open almost every day and has really neat shop inside. Carry some cash though, they aren’t billiger (cheap.)



I only touch on a few restaurants here but hopefully it will give you a taste of Stuttgart and all the variety we have right at our disposal ~ 

  • Gin UU – located just on the other side of the Milaneo mall (another cool place to shop)
    • Asian-fusion restaurant with cool drink menu
  • Carls Brauhaus – right on the Schloßplatz (typical large brew house and patio) 
    • Great for large parties, make reservations
    • If you can get a table on the patio, great views of the Schloßplatz
  • Ampülle – steakhouse and GIN restaurant
    • Pack your wallet but absolutely worth it
Bitty Early's Irish Pub


LandesMuseum – the LandesMuseum for Baden-Württemberg is located inside the Alteschloß and has exhibits of events always going on. This interactive museum is great for young kids too and affordable. Most of the tours are given in German so we just walked through it while we were learning our vocabulary.

Landesmuseum in Stuttgart

Mercedes Museum – one of the most visited museums in the Stuttgart area, get your tickets on-line – CLOSED MONDAYS – you’ll learn about the history of Stuttgart, the automobile industry and the family that created this legendary business.

Mercedes Museum

Porsche Museum – whether you visit the Porsche Museum at night and stay for dinner or decide to test drive a Porsche for the day visiting this museum will be an unforgettable event in your tour around Stuttgart.

Weinbaum Museum – one of the first museums I visited in Stuttgart and a unique Vinothek (wine tasting bar) the Weinbaum Museum is not your typical museum. Stuttgart has a long history of making wine and here you will learn not only the methods of growing, storing and selling there are lots of stories that are shared too. At the time our tour was given in German, but I think you can request one in English too, it is just a little bit more.

Still not enough…take a hike!

There are so many hikes around Stuttgart that I created an Ebook! I working on another E-book this one just for the Black Forest. One of my favorites is hiking up Rubble Hill ~ you won’t be able to Google this address, it is just impossible, only images will appear. It’s called Birkenkopf and there is a parking lot (and bus stop) at the base of the hill for you to park and walk-up. It is also accessible by hiking from Schloss Solitude or Bärensee (Bear Lake,) whichever adventure you decide to be on that day.


Today I have just mentioned a few of my favorite things to see, do and taste while touring around downtown Stuttgart. I hope you have liked my list, what are a few things you’ve discovered?

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  1. The Landesmuseum admission is free this year. Also the fine arts museum, Staatsgalerie, is great, and admission is free everyday thru Aug. 26, and after that always free on Wednesdays.

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