European Travel Tips in 2022

Hi fellow travelers, here are some travel tips for you in 2022! I am taking a break from my ROAD TRIP adventure in 2021 to give you the latest 411 on my recent EU trip. Travel requirements for Europe are changing constantly so I’m hoping this article will give you some reassurance and some core travel tips to help you begin travel planning. I am going to dive right in.

Travel Tips for 2022 to the EU

Booking a flight!

You might be a little hesitant to book a flight to Europe right now because of the state of the world and this pandemic. However, I think we are moving forward to a place where we are learning to live with this pandemic and still travel around the world. If you are extremely hesitant to book and/or lose money, get the insurance! Travel insurance is available for “CANCEL FOR ANY REASON” still and many companies do cover COVID. If you have questions, let me know, I now travel insurance as a travel advisor. Send me an email here!

Traveling to Europe can make even the most experienced traveler a bit hesitant right now. In the past six months with two overseas trips I have experienced flight delays, COVID tests, changing regulations and policies. I have learned to be very flexible. My travel tip for booking a flight for the best price fare is BOOK when you think about it, travel to Europe is on the increase. With consumer confidence prices will start to rise very quickly.

PCR/Antigen Testing was required by my airline to fly to Europe as these are required to fly into Germany. I took an antigen test at an urgent care clinic 48 hours before my flight. The test was free and they gave me my negative result letter and was accepted by the airline. I also carried my vaccination card and test results with me. I also had my booster shot in early November.

TRAVEL TIP: Carry hand sanitizer with you (3.4oz) in your carryon or purse and handi wipes for wiping off seats, trays, etc. Our flight also gave us some Purell hand sani wipes too.

What’s 2G+/3G?

According to the ministry of health (Germany): 2G+ means vaccinated or recovered, plus current test; 2G++ means vaccinated or recovered, plus a current test at an official test site, as well as an FFP2 mask . While we were traveling around Europe in December masks were required in all public places. Like the airport, train and train stations, malls and restaurants except when you were eating.

To make my visits easier, I purchased an inexpensive EU phone at a MediaMart (similar to Verizon.) Here are few apps that made my adventure so much easier.

Luca and/or CoronaWarn Apps

In Europe these two apps will make your life stress free. The caveat is you must have a EU SIM CARD these won’t work with a SIM CARD from the states. If you have an unlocked phone you can change it out as well and it will work. The criteria for these apps are

  1. I visited a pharmacy, apotheke (Germany) to enter my vaccination record. Once all the information is entered, I received a QWERTY code. After that, I uploaded the code to both the Luca App and the CoronaWarn App. The CoronaWarn App was accepted in Germany and Italy. Luca App was accepted everywhere.
  2. If you don’t or can’t have either app, just be sure to carry your vaccination card with you.
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Yes, masks are required in all public places. In airports, the long plane ride to Europe, trains, and stores. But not hiking or outdoor activities and our spa trips, more on that in a bit. We got used to carrying them in our coat pocket and whipping them out when we were around people. I preferred to carry the K95 masks or the blue hospital masks that were a bit lighter. Cloth masks are not accepted in Germany.

Now for the fun stuff!

It was definitely not doom and gloom during my visit. These were procedures and policies that we abided by and accepted. During this constant pandemic change you have to become flexible and calm. It is constant even as I write today, they might change again before this is even released this week. Stay diligent and always check for current up-to-date info. Nothing required has been too annoying.

Traveling across Borders

Prior to our week long adventure in Italy, we found out Austria had been shut down to transit travelers. We decided to just re-route our journey. No biggie. We traveled through Switzerland without incident. Even without a speeding ticket. Go Kelly! We were waved through Italy as well, but had our passports and vaccine cards at the ready.

Driving through Piemonte – European Travel Tips

We did need both our passport and vaccination pass/card for all of our stays in Italy, hotels and Airbnbs required both of them for check-in. All properties had resources available to upload our information prior to our arrival.

TRAVEL TIP: Communicate with your hotel/stay prior to your arrival to know all required COVID information.

Hotel Casa Camilla – Verbania – Lake Maggiore

Not everything is CLOSED!

Europe’s travel industry is learning how to adapt and live with the changes COVID has brought. Many activities, shops, wine tastings and services are still OPEN! There are a few travel tips you will need to attend or to participate in.

  1. Make a reservation! Whether you are booking a dinner reservation or a spa trip you will need a reservation.
    • If you are in doubt, for a tour/class always check the website for the business.
    • Spas require you to bring your own towels and one (required a bed sheet for the rest room) They provided one for us since we didn’t know about this requirement.
  2. Stores/shopping do have customer limitations inside their stores, be patient if the store is crowded. They are following protocol and don’t want to be shut down.
  3. Hiking and outdoor recreation is WIDE OPEN! Of course, masks are not required for these activities.
  4. Some tourist locations like walking outdoor malls (Piazzas in Italy, Stadtmitte’s in Germany) require masks even outdoors or walking in a heavily foot-trafficked area.
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Please be patient. From the person checking you in at the airline to the waitress at the restaurant and everyone in between. Despite what you might see or hear, I have experienced grace and given grace during this incredibly difficult world we are living in at the moment. The person you may want to bite their head off may be the same person who upgrades you!

Be kind also! I make little gift bags of chocolates for the flight attendants and crew when traveling overseas. It doesn’t cost more than $5 and they are so appreciative. There’s nothing in it for me, other than to say, “I know its tough right now, here’s a little somethin, somethin.

I hope you are able to start planning your next European adventure. Let me know if I can help. For more resources check out my YouTube Channel, and my Podcast too. I will continue to post new content on my cross country trip and my recent trips to Europe. More services coming soon too!

It’s always an adventure when you Β©Travel with Wendy!
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7 thoughts on “European Travel Tips in 2022

  1. Thanks for all of the European Phone App information. I only knew about this from our German exchange student but I think this is super helpful to know exactly where to go and what to download for the smoothest travel experience in these crazy times.

    1. Absolutely love found it to be super helpful looking forward to using it again this spring

  2. As always, I love your travel tips. We currently live in the UK and we have found these varying travel restrictions to be just a part of life now. No biggie. As you seem to know a little about TRAVEL INSURANCE, can you comment on what type of coverage you might find with insurance for if you test positive for Covid while traveling? I had a friend who tested positive before her return flight from Italy to the UK and she ended up isolating in a hotel for 21 days. Do you know if travel insurance for covid generally covers costs associated with an extended stay if you test positive?

    1. Actually it does vary quite a bit and some insurance companies require repeated tests and isolation (copies of everything and test results) as you can imagine their world has been upended too – every company is different and you’ve given me an idea to do an article and vlog on the different companies and what they offer now – thanks πŸ‘

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