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This month, I had the opportunity to head to St. Croix, the US Virgin Islands. #Nopassportnecessary travel has been so wonderful. This was my second visit to St. Croix in less than a year. After successfully testing negative for COVID-19 in a rapid test and completing the USVI Travel Portal, I was making my way back to the island to visit a friend and fellow travel buddy, Candy. While visiting, I was able to connect with several small business owners including Corina Marks and Ryan Flegel of the Sugar Apple Bnb and Featherleaf Inn.

Corina Marks & Ryan Flegel

We had a wonderful interview and recorded a podcast if you’d like to check those out too!

YouTube page


The Sugar Apple Bnb is located in Christiansted, St. Croix, and has a long history. Corina and Ryan have historically restored this precious gem located within walking distance of the old town harbor and boardwalk.

Originally built in 1760 this danish built structure is fantastic. In the 1940s it became a hotel known as The Pink Fancy. It drew visitors from all around the globe and boasted the largest pool on the island.

Today, visitors can enjoy a peaceful oasis of tranquility and restoration while they relax around the pool or take in yoga on Sunday mornings.

st. croix sugar apple bnb

For more options of WHERE to stay in ST. Croix – check out this BLOG!

turtles on st. croix
Candy making friends!

You might also enjoy the turtle haven that entertains children of all ages.


Accommodations and Amenities

Welcome to the Sugar Apple

Every room at Sugar Apple is named for something on the island. Whether it grows freely or is a part of the region. I loved this precious touch as it helped me get to know St. Croix so much better. Also, Corina mentioned they are conversation starters and they are for sure. We stayed in the Passion Fruit room, just one of the tropical fruits that grow here on St. Croix.

Our Room! Passion Fruit

All the rooms at Sugar Apple have air conditioning, mini kitchenettes, and very comfortable beds. Your stay also includes a fresh continental breakfast poolside served by amazing Manager, Natalie. Her welcoming personality and hospitality only added to our wonderful stay.

Our lovely room!

Her hard-working, likable, eager to make you comfortable personality was a joy to be around and we were so glad to hang with her for just a second.


The location of the Sugar Apple Bnb could not be more perfect. Walking distance to the boardwalk, filled with incredible scenic views of the harbor, restaurants and eateries, art shops, and more.

boardwalk at Christiansted, on the island of St. Croix

The historic district of Christiansted is dotted with old architecture, churches, and Fort Christiansvaern. This danish fortress sits just on the edge of town and is open to the public. St. Croix was occupied by many countries including France and Denmark and its history is filled with pirates, slave revolts, and natural disasters.

Fort Christianvaern, St. Croix, US Virgin Island


Candy and I enjoyed a walk around town on Sunday to do a little window shopping and catch an early breakfast at Toast Diner. Shops are closed on Sunday, so take a peaceful walk around town and take notes to visit on Monday!

The people of St. Croix hit the beach on Sundays so the best travel tip I can give you is YOU should too!

Sunday is Funday on the island of St. Croix
Beaches are WIDE OPEN and not crowded, maybe a few people on Sunday – FUN DAY! ๐Ÿค™

Tours and more!

Are you interested in Scuba or Snorkeling or a boat ride to Buck Island? Well, if you are there are plenty of options to choose from right there on the boardwalk. But for even more information, check out – Wendy has everything you could possibly know about things to do and see on the island! Plus, her Harborcam is ultra super cool! Check out what’s going on, RIGHT NOW!

good eats!


Within walking distance of the Sugar Apple Bnb you will have a plethora of good eats! Whether you like to catch the sunset off the boardwalk/pier or have some sushi or maybe plan a breakfast, you will have plenty of choices.

Sweet and spicy cauliflower - foodie on St. Croix
Spicy & Sassy Cauliflower – The Mill

St. Croix is filled with fresh fruits and vegetables so if you’re like me and trying to eat more #vegan – #vegetarian you will be delighted as this island has many, many options.

Avocados grow everywhere on the island of St. Croix

Dashi Sushi

Located in a courtyard this unassuming small restaurant gets packed. We really enjoyed our sushi and I LOVED the veggie sushi with avocado, peppers and jalapeรฑo! YUM!

Toast Diner

This was an absolute MUST – EAT while we were in Christiansted. Here’s a major TRAVEL TIP if you are looking to go to this ISLAND and TOURIST FAVORITE!


We arrived right at 7:45 a.m. because they open at 8:00 a.m. and there was already a line! PHEW! So glad we got in, some of t he tastiest food we’ve had.

With a Venezuelan flair these Arepas are so tasty! Little pancakes filled with anything you could imagine! Sweet or savory – check out their menu online

Totally worth the wait!

Like I said, everywhere you turn, there are some good eats in St. Croix!

Here’s more info on Where to EAT in St. Croix!

We absolutely loved our stay at the Sugar Apple Bnb and I am so looking forward to visiting again to see Natalie and walk the boardwalk in Christiansted.


Sugar Apple Bnb For Sale - Christiansted, US Virgin Island

Yea, that’s right! The Sugar Apple Bnb is for SALE! Corina and Ryan shared their love, passion, and commitment to historic renovation and conservation.

They are so pleased with the success of the Sugar Apple Bnb, so much so, they are concentrating their focus on another property The Featherleaf Inn (on the western side of the island.)

If you would like more information check out the vlog, podcast or contact them directly. They might even throw in a sailboat!

Who knows living in the Caribbean, owning a small Bnb and sailing to the British Virgin Islands on the weekends might not be such a bad retirement plan!

Boats on St. Croix, US Virgin Island
Let’s Sail AWAY!
It’s always an adventure when you ยฉTravel with Wendy!

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