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Here we go, the next part of my 2021 Road Trip across America takes us through my MidWest Adventures. After leaving Kentucky, and the Land Between the Lakes, I made my way across the north to St.Louis, Missouri. Visited family in Jefferson City, (for the locals and Missourians, that’s “Jeff City,” the Capital of Missouri. Then hopped up to Clarinda, Iowa birthplace of Glenn Miller and home to some great military friends. I continued on through Nebraska where I felt like I would see Kevin Bacon from Footloose any moment, circa 1984, no such luck! Here are my MidWest Adventures!

Courthouse in Clarinda, Iowa

My initial thought was to stop off in St. Louis to grab some lunch and visit the the City Museum. After stellar recommendations from family and followers, I felt like I just had to visit. Unfortunately, it was raining so hard while I was driving in the city, I decided to save it for some other time. I would recommend a visit there, be sure you check it out, especially if you have kiddos.

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Want to plan a flawless itinerary for Europe? Scotland, Bavaria, Portugal, Greece – GREAT holiday gift!

As I continued on through the midwest to Jefferson City, I found a few special roadside stops to break up the road travel. Check out Ozarkland 😳


Clean bathrooms and a nice stop this gift shop was filled with American Memorabilia that I will never forget. Known throughout the area as a “road trip” tradition I just had to be a stop. Plus, I have no clue what a wind bell is, I just had to explore this place. I still couldn’t figure out what it was after the visit. I was a little overwhelmed. It was certainly fun though.

Jefferson City, Missouri

If you won the capital game in school and knew that Jeff City is the capital then give yourself some kudos. My husband Jon is from Missouri and most of his family live in and around the state. I knew I would be breaking my journey and stay here. After being stationed in Germany for five years and then the year of COVID. It had been awhile since I’ve seen my family. We’ve been married for over 25 years, so they are mine now too.

My awesome cousin Tina organized a great get-together of our fully-vaccinated crew with a wonderful pizza and pie party (Peggy Jean’s Pies) and we got to hear Will play in church as well as have a to tour the beautiful old town.

We had such a sunny day while we were touring the city.

Did you know?

  • Jefferson City was settled by Daniel Morgan Boone, son of the famous frontiersman.
  • It was also a Union City during the Civil War but a contentious division
  • With the success of the World’s Fair in St. Louis, Jefferson City was able to expand and grow
  • For more information check out their unique history – HERE!

Clarinda, Iowa

Clarinda is an unassuming small midwest town on the Iowa/Kansas border and was filled with so many surprises and architectural gems. Plus, my friends Nancy and Jim live there. We were stationed at Ft. Leavenworth years ago, had littles together who are now young adults and have lives of their own, ahhh time. Nancy has been a voice of wise counsel, yogi encourager, unbelievable tea teacher, truth teller and faith friend. I miss those ten months in Leavenworth living in those small crowded townhouses full of fun, children’s laughter and barbecuing. We learned so much from each other and still never run out of things to talk about. At least, I don’t. HA! Poor Nance, I’m still full of questions.

Clarinda is also filled with incredible turn of the century houses. Step back in time as you walk the promenade through town, you can visualize the horse and buggies coming and leaving this historic town.

Her little town of Clarinda, also happens to be the hometown of Glenn Miller. If you are under the age of 35 you might not know who that is, let me share. My grandparents loved him and his sound. He was one of the most popular Big Band music conductors during WWII and brought hope and optimism to the troops while they were overseas. They have touring since 1956 and continue to do so! Check out their tours

Glenn Miller Birthplace & Museum

More MidWest Adventures

After my great visit with Nance and Jim, I made my way to Nebraska. First stop in Nebraska was Lincoln, another midwest capital city! Many, many people recommended that I visit Lincoln’s famous capital building! It really was spectacular. I loved walking around and actually seeing a President Lincoln interpreter. That was super cool too!

Lincoln Capital

I just happened to arrive right as the FREE history tour began – phew! What a blessing. I learned so much. The current capital building of Nebraska is an artists dream. It is filled with mosaics, tile work, marbled columns, and a dedication to the history of this state and its people. It took ten years to build from 1922 to 1932 and while I was there, some restoration was happening too.

TRAVEL TIP: Take the elevator to the top, you won’t be disappointed!

Start saving your ideas

Views from the top!

Sunken Gardens

While touring around the capital building I met a fellow traveler who recommended that I visit Sunken Gardens in Lincoln. This once neighborhood dump area is now a gorgeous gardens on 1.5 acres right in LINCOLN! I was fortunate enough to have a glorious sunny day while walking around and exploring.

What a nice, restful stop in the gardens of Lincoln. After a great lunch at Rutabaga’s Comfort Food – found some great vegan-vegetarian in Lincoln. More on that soon – I will be sharing how I ate Vegan/Vegetarian on this X-Country ROAD TRIP – it’s gonna be GREAT!

Push Pin Travel Maps

Next, I make my way to Colorado – I hope you have enjoyed my midwest adventures!

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